August 12, 2022
New car paint protection

Your car is a precious and valuable possession because you save money for years to get the one you always dreamt about having. So it does make sense to protect its paint? Right? That is why the new car paint protection needs 3M Paint Protection. Unfortunately, several individuals are not fully aware of what these products actually do and even exist in the market.

What Is It?

Nothing stays the same forever, and this applies to the car as well. However, the great thing is that you can maintain that shiny showroom look for years, then you might think. Car paint protection film consists of an ultra-durable material layer that is not visible to the naked eye but protects the car from wear and tear.

What Does It Do?

Wear and tear are bound to happen as you can keep your car protected from unforeseen damages. Debris leaves scratches and dents, different bugs flying leaves stains and marks, sand, and dust damage. This shows that without your knowledge, your car is hit by several damaging elements.

When placed on the car, a car paint protection film provides an unperceivable barrier between these harmful elements and your new car. Using this technology, the tough and durable guard film protects your car against anything that can harm your car paint.

Why Should I Use It?

Scratches Happen
Even the smooth and well-built roads to brand new highways can leave potential damage to your vehicle. We don’t realize that no road is safe from the chips of rocks, hard pieces of garbage, spilled oil can badly stain your car paintwork or infinite other hazards.

You cannot stop your car from aging, and the only best defense you can provide to your car is a good layer of protection. 3M Paint Protection Film can considerably limit the real world’s threats to that showroom shine and maintain the car value for years.

You Never Know, but It’s There

When you apply a layer of film protection on your car, it’s like another layer of skin. The 3M film is specially designed to provide extra smoothness, both in the materials and the instillation process. The installation process is a diligent procedure that requires the use of soapy water, alcohol, and heat to have an impeccable application. The layer is invisible, but it lets the original finishing of the car shine through years while at the same time protect the finish against damage.

The cutting-edge military technology has made your life somewhat easier like microwave, GPS tracking system, duct tape, etc. and protection film is no different. During the Vietnam war, the urethane protection film was introduced to protect the helicopter blades from flying debris. Thus, it keeps it in pristine condition for a longer period of time. And prevents the entire rotor blade’s need to be replaced.

It also proves useful for combat vehicles to protect them from dust. This technology was even adapted by the race car technicians. If the protection film can withstand these severe conditions, you can imagine the protection it provides to regular cars.

New car paint protection

Custom Installation Provides Better Protection

By custom installation, we mean that your clear protection film will be specially optimized for your car model. It gives a smoother and more seamless look while providing extra protection on the cars’ smooth and sharp edges. That is why we highly recommend this product’s expert installation to make sure the product is correctly applied.
The earlier brands were not the best in terms of protecting the car from crack, fade, and it even begins to get yellow over time.  But the new technology is quite different. The 3M Protection Film provides an unparalleled protection lifetime along with a warranty.

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