No More Dead Zones In My House With The Dlink Extender

I am a high school student who works in Starbucks as a part-time job. The pandemic had been hard on me. While there were these never-ending online classes and assignments on one side, on the other side came the huge amount of online orders at Starbucks. To make life miserable, my internet started showing a problem. The router was not enough to provide an internet connection in my room which is just below the attic. I tried changing my router but it was of no use. The problem would remain the same- no network, no internet connection in my room. That’s when I thought of getting an extender. I had read a lot of reviews regarding the dlink extender and thus I thought to go for it.

Best Extender Device

It is the smallest wireless extender that you will find in the market and it sustains throughout a long distance. I now have fast internet connecting not only in my room but also at every corner of my house and I can even monitor it with a mobile app. It looks similar to a power adapter with two prongs and it plugs directly into the electrical outlet. Right now I can attend my online classes, show presentations, and can also attend the online orders at Starbucks right from my house, sitting on my bed without any trouble. All the credits go to the dlink extender!

The device is small in size and rather than being housed in a large case with a separate AC adapter, D-link’s extender plugs directly into an AC outlet. However, it is recommendable to plug it into the upper outlet as it is a tight fit and it might block an adjacent outlet. It has got five LEDs, out of which the top one shows that the device is turned on. Now, connected while the other four at the bottom act as a signal-strength indicator to help one with the placements of the extender.

Setting Up my Dlink Extender

Setting up the dlink extender was easier than I thought it would have been. The dlink extender came with a quick installation guide and a card that has the extender’s default SSID and password written on it. One can easily follow the steps written in the guide-book and set up their extender. The best place for the extender is midway between the router and the Wi-Fi. Firstly you need to plug the extender into a wall outlet within the wireless range of your router.

Then you need to open the wireless utility on your computer or mobile and enter the name (SSID) and password given to you along with the dlink extender. Then you need to type http://dlinkap.local in the address bar of your web browser or click on http://dlinkap.local setup and follow the steps given in the manual accordingly. The Wi-Fi connection setup will automatically begin and you need to click on “Log In”. After you follow the steps your dlink extender setup will be completed.

Troubleshooting my Dlink Extender

Dlink extenders are one of the most widely used extenders and one can easily find them in various places. If you use a Dlink range extender then there must be times. When due to some technical reason, an error might occur in the device. We have to reset and troubleshoot the dlink range extender so that it works properly. Like every other device, my Dlink extender also started showing trouble, but troubleshooting was easy in this case. You could just type dlinkap.local login in the address bar and then search for dlink extender help.

The most basic way of troubleshooting for the dlink range extender is that you could just unplug the range extender from the power outlet. Now wait for a few minutes and then plug it back again. Restart your modem and router again and then try. You also need to check your modem for the internet. There could be times when the dlink extender will give you headaches. In those times you need to log-in to the dlink range extender which has the IP address as dlinkap.local html or dlinkap.local login. This is a utility built on the ROM of the device which allows you to configure your device.

Dlink Router Being a Saviour for Every Movie Geek

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