May 20, 2022

Renowned as the Mini Kashmir, Tapola in Mahabaleshwar is a pristine destination that is worth exploring for its natural beauty. It is a perfect weekend getaway place that is located just 147 kilometres from Pune and 290 kilometres from Mumbai. It receives tons of tourists every year given for the tons of activities and places to visit that this place resides. People love spending their time here in the traditional resort in Tapola and exploring the jungle treks, strawberry fields, array of water sports, and much more.

So, to get you acquainted with the offbeat things that you can experience while nestling in Tapola resort Mahabaleshwar, given below are some points that will help you prepare your bucket list for your trip to Tapola.

Points that help you prepare your bucket list for your trip to Tapola are:

  • Visit the Tapola Lake

The widespread beauty of this lake captures the attention of every visitor exploring Tapola. It is famous among the tourists as a scenic picnic destination with breath-taking scenery of nature in the background. Many adventure activities such as boating, kayaking, paragliding, and swimming can also be indulged in here right within your budget. Don’t forget to carry your camera with you to get your perfect candid at such a beautiful location.

  • Ancient forts exploration

Many forts nestle in the lush green jungles of Tapola hidden from the eyes of the travellers. Some of them are Vasota and Jaygad that have a glorious history related to them. Follow a quick and beautiful trek through the forest to reach this place and explore it’s all corners for a thorough exploration.

  • Island Visits

There is an array of tiny islands located in Tapola which fit perfectly to sight the most beautiful sunsets in Tapola. It is a different excursion that you would like to experience on your tours here with your stays at a comfortable resort in Tapola.

  • Tapola Eco-Agro Tourism

Get a first-hand experience of the countryside with this initiative via Tapola Tourism that will help you dive deep into nature’s beauty and the life of the people residing here. From visiting the strawberry farms to picking some for your snacks, learn about this popular fruit in detail from the locals here. Get a chance to talk to the villagers here and acknowledge yourself about their day to day activities. Interact with the kids at the village schools and serve a helping hand to the villagers in their daily activities. You can also relish the opportunity of swimming in the Koyna reservoir as you look for some adventure activities close to your stays at Tapola Resort Mahabaleshwar.

These are just some activities and places that you can explore while vacationing in Tapola. Plan your vacations to this location as you book your stays at the renowned Shivsagar Agro Tourism and River Camp resort in tapola. They promise warm hospitality to their guests at their place in a home-like environment.

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