May 20, 2022

Organic shampoo is made from the natural extract of plants, the juice from flowers that help the scalp and hair in many forms without using chemical-based products. The organic shampoo helps in curing problems like split ends, secretion of oil, dry and frizzy hair, and provides the extra shine whereas Chemical-based hair products extract the moisture from the scalp and leave frizzy hair.

Here this article highlights the various differential points between organic and chemical shampoo to make it easier for the customers to choose the right one for their hair.

  1. Moisture- Talking first about the moisture, then organic shampoo includes natural ingredients like coconut oil, Alovera gel that helps in keeping the scalp moisturized. On the other hand, chemical-based products involve the use of alcohol that is cheap and is easily available for the companies that remove the whole moisture from the scalp and leaves dry and frizzy hair.
  2. Safe for everyday application- Organic shampoo is safe for everyday use because organic shampoos are free from sulfate, paraben, and chemicals. On the other hand, chemical-based products are not safe for everyday use because it may cause side effects like hair loss, hair damage, etc.

Therefore, various organic hair product manufacturers consider customer needs first when producing hair products. Organic proves to be much better in context with safe for use.

  1. Detergents- The detergents are harsh in chemical-based products. These harmful detergents can affect the scalp and the pH level from the scalp and leave out dried, unhealthy whereas natural or organic shampoos are less harsh because it contains natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and juice from the flowers.
  2. Side effects- Application of organic shampoo does not have any side effects, unlike the synthetic shampoos that involve alcohol and contain paraben, sulfate. All these harmful ingredients affect the scalp and do cause side effects that even a hairdresser cannot handle. Therefore, it is a must to look for safe ingredients when using a shampoo that is safe to use.
  3. Retaining color- Organic shampoo retains the texture and color of hair for a long without getting damaged. It helps to retain the strength of your color better whereas chemical products change the hair color faster. It is because the harmful chemicals present in shampoo can remove the shine from hair and leaves tangled, damaged and moisture less hair.

Organic shampoos are way better than a chemical shampoo that does not harm the texture and provide protein, natural oils to the hair.

To conclude-

From the above differential points, it is clear that organic shampoo is better than synthetic or chemical-based hair products. Organic hair products are made from the natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin and relief from hair dandruff, oily hair, split ends, etc. Many hair product exporters provide organic shampoo in various areas to meet customer demands. Customers should identify what is right for their hair so that the natural oils present in hair should not get extracted from the scalp by using harsh detergents.

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