July 2, 2022
Pakistan electricity crisis

The electricity crisis becomes a very big issue for the Pakistan economy here all the sectors are
getting down due to this, because many functions only depend on the electricity which can’t
move further without it, the electric crisis means a big lock on electric base machinery and

When any country face an electric crisis there must be some reasons which not allow stepping
forward as an economical growth because electric is an essential factor which is like petrol for the
the engine which means without it economical system can’t work and it causes heavy losses to the
the economy of Pakistan.

Some major factors are as follows which are the basic cause of the electricity crisis.

1. Increase in electricity consumption

After the partitions when systems begin to develop in Pakistan at the same time the
the population also begin to increase with the rapid growth and the requirements of the electricity
also increased with the rapid pace, as the household appliances and general usage increase it
generate big demand.

When the demand for electricity become high and the supply does not meet the gap so the result of
shortfall occur which cause heavy pause to the economical growth as to fulfill the demand
existing system begin load shedding and plan power down which can be useful for the short
period of time but not for the long run.

2. No improvement in the existing system

The Pakistan electric holding companies not working as the professional companies work in the
private sector because they are bound by the bodies to work quickly and smartly, but in Pakistan
they use the system and mold it in their favor which means if they do not improve anything and no
perform well this is no matter.

So that is the big reason why private electric supply companies are not working well because
they mold the system and that’s why they are not working on infrastructure and improvement of
the existing system as per the demand and requirement of the country, in other words, they are
actually, they are manipulating things only.

3. No investment in the power sector

As the government is unable to control the private power sector because of many hidden benefits
to their associates so new investors feel fears to enter that market as pre-settings of the old
companies are like a hard glue that need extraordinary force to remove, so that’s why the new
companies unable to invest and support that sector because they know the available opportunity
has big risk factors.

The problem begins when the new ideas şişli masöz and new companies are not willing to invest due to bad
policies and regularities by the government authorities this is the big pitfall for every new
investment in Pakistan, they do not feel secure and protective by the government no matter how
they are beneficial for Pakistan.

4. Electricity stealing

Electricity stealing is also a big matter for the power sector which is commonly issued with the
gridline supply, due to bad tariff by the private sectors and different timing of load shedding
promote those bad activities further the bribe on illegal connection also leads to this problem
which is not good for any company.

Electricity stealing not only impacting on the finances of the company but at the same time it
causes more load shedding due to wrong connection or illegal connection as that connection
break the main lines which need time to reset and run again, the stealing is the of the lack of
power supply and its high tariff in Pakistan.

5. Lack of government focus

The government of Pakistan from the date of partition is not fully mature to control the private
sector and foreign companies who are associated with the power sector, as every new bounding
of the companies misuse the government and from the government authorities no action took
a place to resist on those matters.

Actually, the government authorities and their officials are not focused on the ground realities
they only concern about what they are getting in their pockets, no matter what happens with the country
and their people they only concern with their personal benefits, in good words they are enjoying

6. No plan for industrial usage

As the demand of the normal usage is not fulfilled by the power companies because no focus and
no future planning, so how it is possible they can serve the industrial zone with the consistent
power, due to this matter industries are unable to run because they also face load-shedding and
low voltage issue.

Due to lack of power by the gridline industries facing big issues like late production, loss of
orders, high production cost and bad reputation in the international markets, so all this is happening
just because of lack of the electricity for the industrial zone also, as no plan for them mean no
growth for that sector.

7. Lack of production and load planning

The private electric supply company is not working well and not planning for the more
production and load shifting because they are not controlled well by the authorities, the lack of cross-checking by the authorities boosting their confidence to do more bad things and make more

8. Pushing economy towards imports

It is bad when the economy shifts on imports rather than inhouse production but due to the
manipulation by the private power sector and their lacking in that area, the private business
sector up for the self-help like JNA and begin the import of power generating equipment like
generators, solar panels, and other green energy machines.

9. Shifting for green energy

The real company who works for the electricity sector are only working for personal
growth and not focusing on the development and improvement of this sector even that is in their
agreement with the government, so for that reason other fully private firms like JNA jump in
the market to serve the people of Pakistan.

10. Wrapping up

The private company like JNA doing their best to serve Pakistan to control electricity
problem and boost the economy.

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