August 10, 2022

The literal meaning of practical education is to perceive knowledge through practical experiences. Education is one of the most essential parts of our journey to achieve a successful life. According to the latest education articles, there are two kinds of approaches to the educational system-

  1. Theoretical Education Approach
  2. Practical Education Approach

Theoretical education focuses more on making the learning process faster for the students. The idea behind theoretical education is to inculcate the bookish content into the brains of the students. This type of education is way more backdated than the latest form of education which is practical education. Most of the schools all across the world focus more on the practical ways of learning. Theoretical knowledge does not sustain in the mind for a longer period of time but the knowledge we gained from our experiences last till our last breath. And there is a saying that learning continues till our last breath. 

There is no limit to education or gaining knowledge and that is why education should not be limited to what is written in the pages of the textbooks. Because of this old school way of learning people can not differentiate between the educational experience and educational achievement. Students run after competitions and achievements and stop living the life that they are supposed to. According to the latest education article process of learning should be fun. The fun comes when we have an ample amount of interest in that particular field of study. 

Practical education is always a better choice because you exactly got to know how to practice those certain things in the real world. The coolest part of practical education is whatever knowledge we perceive that remains in our brains for a lifetime. In this kind of education, the facts are taught and learned in an interesting way, that will bring enjoyment to your study and you will never yawn while studying. 

Practical education erases the sense of nervousness from the students and makes their confidence level high. We tend to get nervous when we have doubts about the things we have mugged up but in practical knowledge, you don’t have any chance to mug up the things because you just need to write your practical experience during the time of examination. 

This approach makes the process of learning much easier for students and teachers as well. The approach of Practical Education is the need of the hour and must reach every corner of the globe. This approach should be implemented in every discipline be it social science or computer science or a teaching course. It gives the best exposure to learning those who want to learn things by heart. 

Practical learning increases the scope of opportunities for the people and makes them capable to enhance their knowledge by themselves. This approach makes people autonomous by leading them to a deeper understanding of any concept through the act of doing the experiments by themselves. 

Theoretical knowledge is also important as it increases the potential of learning in the students. Thus, practical education and theoretical knowledge should go and in hand. Theoretical knowledge makes us learn the experiences of others while practical knowledge helps us to do experiments on our own by taking help from the experiences of others. This mode of merging theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge gives the opportunity to get clarity and contrast of the matter. 

Philosophically, knowledge is intangible but the practical experience made it tangible by applying those skills in practice. In the present day, every single commodity has become digital. Education has also found its way to become digital. We can get everything available on the internet. There are a lot of sites that visually and practically explains the matter to the students. According to science, the visually obtained knowledge leaves a greater and longer impact on our brain than learning or memorizing things through reading the texts from the books. 


Let’s come out from the old school way of reading and mugging up things. Theoretical education needs a companion that is practical education to make it more worthful. You can practice your own experiments if you are versed in the theories behind it. The approach of practical education with theoretical education should reach every corner of the world so that the world can get more genius brains like Newton and Einstein. Binding the knowledge just into the pages of textbooks will no longer upgrade the technology but implementing knowledge in day to day will definitely do.

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