August 12, 2022
cell phone tracking software

Today, we can see a smartphone in every second kid’s hand. They have become well familiar with its usage than their elders. Parents cannot even imagine what their kids can do on a mobile phone.

As digital crimes have been increasing day by day, so kids’ protection campaigns are also working. So, they awake the parents about kids’ safety from the digital world. But a working person or an illiterate cannot take care of their kids properly.

Therefore, the smartest and most convenient way has been introduced in the form of spy technology. Spy Software and apps allow the parents to track their kid’s all activities. In this article, we will discuss the highly in-demand phone spy app.

TheOneSpy Kids Mobile App Tracker

TheOneSpy is the most reliable spy software and app provider, which demand is in all over the world. Its cell phone tracking software has been facilitating millions of parents across the globe. Its smooth and efficient features allow the parents to monitor their kid’s activities remotely.

TOS offers different subscription packages for its loyal clients. All contain the necessary features that parents need to spy on. In this way, kids can remain safer from digital crimes like cyberbullying, stalking, harassment, threats, and many more like these.

Features of TheOneSpy Kids Mobile App Tracker

TOS is flexible that it can smoothly run with all smartphones. A parent/ guardian needs to install it properly and activate the features from their cloud account. Here we are going to put the light on TOS advanced tracking features and their benefits for parents.

  • Text / Message Tracker

A parent can view all chats of their kid’s lives. They can stop their kid in case of useless talk.

  • Call Logs

It not only allows parents to monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls. But. also keeps the record with the exact time and date so that a busy parent could view the history later.

  • Live 360 camera viewer

A parent can quickly get access to their kids’ mobile camera. They can control both front and back camera to view the surrounding live activities.

  • Live 360 surrounding listener

If you are not comfortable in viewing live locations, you can activate the listening mode. Then wherever you go, you can listen to your kid’s surroundings.

  • Email tracker

Maybe you have your business confidential information, or maybe your kids do the inappropriate activity on email. Email tracker enables you to keep a sharp eye on all incoming and outgoing emails from your kids mobile.

  • Contacts Tracker

It not only keeps a record of saved contacts but also provides a history of deleted and blocked contacts.

  • Live Screen Recorder

If you found your kid in any useless or different activity, you can start live screen recorder to record screen.

  • Geo-Fencing

You can pin the safe and dangerous areas on your tracking feature. TOS will immediately inform you when your kid will visit that particular area.

  • Social media monitoring

Whether your kid uses Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram or any other social media app, TheOneSpy provides specific apps trackers. Parents can keep a secret eye on all their kid’s social media secret activities.

Guidance about using TOS Kids Phone Spy App

Now, maybe you are getting excited to know about how to get its access. TheOneSpy has the most convenient steps to get any of their apps. Here we are going to mention one by one.

  • In the first step, you need to visit their official website and get an overview of the company.
  • After your satisfaction, choose the suitable one app that should be compatible with your targeted device.
  • Apply for the subscription to the app. You will receive an email regarding all credentials.
  • Login to your TOS account on the targeted device and download the app.
  • After downloading completion, install the app.
  • Open your cloud account and activate the desired features, on which you want to get information.
  • Instantly, you will start receiving all previous and current data information from the targeted device.


To make sure your kids are safe from the digital world’s effect, you can take help of this brilliant phone spy app. It’s available for all brands and models of mobiles. By utilizing it properly, you can prevent your kids from the technological storm and secure their future.

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