Practice the right Pattern and Follow it for Best Jee Scores

In case you are preparing for Jee advanced test then you need to be quite particular about your preparation. You cannot randomly pick topics, adjust study hours, or simply follow material or books. If you are on the right pattern, you can prepare in a proper and effective way.

Think and Act in a tactful Manner 

For example, no matter what type of Jee advanced entrance exam will be there for you, if you are a student who want to succeed with flying colors then you must make a proper plan and pattern of your preparation. You cannot scatter all the material and your study routine all over the place.

Proper learning is much about shifting gears in the terms of learning, fine-tuning of your already learned skills, binding capabilities, nursing of strengths and weaknesses, plugging of your dodges, assessing the national level standing, ensuring of production maximization, and most importantly optimizing the available time.

When you do your revision, remember that it is about the quality of time spent that is crucial and not just quantity. You should engage in the concept-wise Jee revision. It simply means that your revision should not be dependent on chapters. Mostly the questions have multiple concepts interlinked, so studying concept-wise is definitely beneficial. While revising, you should choose the representative problems particular to a concept or chapter and then solve them.

If you did not get adequate time to revise the Class 11 syllabus before your Class 12 board exam or even that of before your JEE Main then you need to do it now as forty to forty-five percent of the questions in JEE Advanced mostly get set from Class 11 syllabus.

Time Management for Your paper

While you are writing JEE tests, just look at building the right exam temperament, adjust your body clock, construct the ability to concentrate in diverse test-taking environments, and so on. Each of the questions will have a couple of distinct keywords. Underline those keywords while you read the question. Don’t skip that Success in JEE Advanced is straightway proportional to the number of questions solved by you. You must think in a rational manner to develop solutions to the problems.

Choose the right Questions

It is crucial to understand that question selection is crucial. While you solve the mock tests, you must develop an eye for picking the right questions. Swiftly solve the moderate and convenient questions, before you tackle the challenging ones. Similarly, keep referring to the good quality notes prepared over the last few years.

During your preparation time, you must stay physically fit and mentally concentrated. Practice meditation to develop inner calm, power of your concentration and self-control. It could sound quite creepy and foolish to you but night study should be avoided.


So,  you must take jee advanced mocktest regularly to ensure that you get that concept of paper in mind. When you put yourself under pressure before the final day of your test; you get to experience it in before and hence, no anxiety remains for the final day.