May 22, 2022
Preparing Your Firm before Getting a Professional Help

When and Organisation picks of the mantel to safeguard its operations from external threats like Network breaches and malicious attacks,  it always tends to look for professional assistance that can help in maintaining the network infrastructure that has been planned for implementation. In other words, for every small and medium scale organization the help extended by professional consultation services, is the only e source of guidance that they can rely on. But the recent cyber attacks like the one happened in Twitter, or a famous casino in California, makes us realize that it’s not about the third-party organization that you have hired for keeping your organization safe, rather, it is about having adequate knowledge in the field of cyber-security so that your organization has a fair chance to survive until it gets the professional help it requires.

When we see the biggest conglomerates like Twitter, facing a cyber-security crisis,  it is evidently laid down in front of us that no amount of consultancy assistance can make up for the information that you yourself as an organization have kept a tab on.

And that’s why it is important to know that when it comes to protecting your organization from any source of attack be it external or internal, it is you and your employees that are placed in the Frontline for tackling them. Therefore the same goes for preparing the company for global certifications like ISO 27001.

If we take the economic market of the United Kingdom and talk about the ISO 27001 Consultancy Services in the UK,  we can that there are quality service providing companies but the criteria to be chosen by them as a client always requires and organization to you have a stable network infrastructure beforehand.

below or some of the points that discuss in brief, about the steps an organization can take in order to prepare for any sort of cyber-attack  before getting an external help:

  • Provide adequate training to employees:  The first step to protect your organization from an external threat before 4 getting in touch with a professional information security consultant is to train your employees to an extent that they understand common phishing schemes, adequate etiquettes for attaching email, best password security procedures, and the process of reporting suspicious data security activity.
  • Firewall and Antivirus:  Every organization and professional individual is aware of the fact that a systems Firewall and antivirus are the first line of Defence full stop this is why it is required for all the organizations to keep a check on the updates for the antivirus software and firewall. Most of the cyber attackers target those organizations with outdated antivirus software so that it is easy for them to gain access and corrupt the files.
  • Limiting access to sensitive files:  When it comes to sensitive files like customer information employee information and other sensitive privacy details not all the employees of your organization need access to this information. This is why limiting access to only those who need to know these in order to do the job, is the safest thing to do.
  • Encrypting the data transmission process:  Given the current situation where all the employees are working from home, it is easy for Cyber attackers to target those individuals because of the lack of cybersecurity policies in their personal systems. This is why it is advised that every company should encrypt the data transmission process so that it becomes difficult for the cyber attackers to tap into any company server.

On a computing note, the above list of steps ensures that any organization that is skeptic about operating in the digital platform should get a proper network infrastructure before getting the help from any third party Consultancy Service. Once the network infrastructure is resilient in its own right, it is easy for the company to hire the best information security and GRC consultancy services in the UK or in any market for that matter.

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