Printing Service for Non-Profit Organizations: Why and How?

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If you are a printing service, you would know how difficult it is to sell print to the non-profit organizations. They have a really limited budget and careful decision-making process as these companies would need more than persuasion in comparison to your other commercial clients. Even if the non-profit companies search for “high quality printing NYC”, they would try to find the cheapest printing service for every task.

Non profit organizations may have a low budget but they are still known for their use of printed materials for promotion of different causes. A lot of people come across direct mails, posters, and pamphlets that ask for donations, promote fundraisers, and provide information on why a particular cause is important. As non profit printing services are in high demand, every print company would love to tap into this bank before its competitors can do so. We would discuss some tips that help printing services meet the needs of their clients.

Goals of Non Profit Organizations

Most of the time, non profit printing services come into action when there is an event or campaign to run. These campaigns and events have three main goals –

  • Connection: Non profit organizations want to bring those people together who think alike for a cause. They can learn from others, support each other, and form a group to take necessary steps.
  • Education: The organizations provide information to the public about a particular issue and its significance. They would also provide you the details of the steps they are taking and what they expect out of you.
  • Call to Action: Every campaign and event has the aim to motivate and encourage people as well as groups to take some action on the on-going issue. It can be related to promotion of the cause, signing up for it, and other activities related to the mission.

Print Product Requirements of Non Profit Organizations

High quality printing NYC services provide a lot of products to their non profit clients. Here are a few most popular printed products –

  1. Business Cards – Non-profit organizations expect a high turnover of volunteers. Organizations that have a low budget get their business cards printed. For this, they look for the most cost-effective non profit printing service. Also, they also appreciate it if the stock printed is completely environmentally-friendly.
  2. Letterheads and Envelops – When the NPOs are sending out letters for support, it is important for them to build trust amongst the donors. Professional quality stationery is a great way of building trust. This pushes the potential donors into donating for the cause and giving out their personal information to reach out in the future. A lot of non profit organizations require remittance envelopes as well.
  3. Postcards – Postcards are equally powerful when compared to direct mail. The response rate for postcards are higher in comparison to online display, paid search, and emails. They also act as informative handouts as well as thank-you cards for the supporters at the events.
  4. Brochures – When it is time to educate the donors, brochures are the perfect choice. They not only fit a lot of information and statistical data but also really simple to hand out. If a client wants that their brochures should standout from the crowd without increased expenses, they can choose the folding options.
  5. Posters – Fundraisers and charity events always require promotion for success. The full color, professional quality posters that provide the entire information are always able to seek attention. You can provide different poster size options to the clients so that they can select according to preference.
  6. Display and foam boards – When non-profit companies organize protests and rallies, they need to empower all the participants using the right tools. Display and foam boards help communicate messages to the crowd in the best way possible. These printed materials are also beneficial in conferences where the non-profit organization needs its name to be displayed.

Every NPO is looking for the best printing service in cheapest rates possible. As a printing service, your goal is to develop a trusting and friendly relationship with them so that they always contact you for every requirement. The TSG Group has been working as one of the best non profit printing services in New York since years.