Protecting PHP Websites: Important Tips To Know

In this era of digitalization and increased competition, intruders often try to break through the security of scalable and competitive PHP websites. Technology has indeed made our lives significantly more comfortable, but it brings some disadvantages too. Various Content Management Systems are used for developing public platforms, which has made it an easy target for cybercriminals. 

Any web solution cannot be safe from cybercrime if it does not have a properly developed defense mechanism. A website can be made very beautiful and attractive with the help of HTML and Javascript but not safe and secured. PHP is used as a scripting language for many websites. Hence, companies deploy safety solutions for their dynamic websites. Let us discuss some advantages of PHP and security solutions for protecting the websites created on it. 

All About PHP 

PHP, a general programming language, is used as a server-side scripting language. It makes web development a very convenient process, as it is free and open-source. Additionally, it uses similar code, and one may need not write any additional code for web applications. Moreover, it backs a massive community of developers and hosts various sources to learn it. Hire a PHP coder for achieving a robust PHP project within the stipulated time. 

PHP is Open-Source

It is an open-source programming language that offers exhaustive frameworks for achieving a scalable and dynamic web solution. As PHP is free, one can easily use and customize the project accordingly. Any system gets ready with PHP quickly and makes the development process faster. Here, an array of tools and frameworks are readily available for achieving the desired results.

Platform Independence

PHP is supported by mainly every Operating System, like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. The applications based on PHP can run on almost every Operating System. Additionally, it can be integrated with other programming languages and databases conveniently; one may not need to re-write the code. 

Easy and Simple to Learn 

Coding is easy in PHP. Hence it is easy to learn it. Further, its clean and structured code helps new developers as well. PHP, being highly used, hosts an exhaustive learning material. Hence it’s easy and convenient to learn.


PHP is known to be the fastest programming language as compared to the others. Any application or solution based on PHP can be downloaded faster on the internet, even when there is a poor connection. Other applications consume a lot of time to fetch data from the database, while PHP based applications can do this task fastly. Developing websites on PHP gives a competitive advantage to the PHP developers for hire.


PHP frameworks make the development process easy, fast, and convenient, and hence the code is maintained automatically by these frameworks. The MVC architecture in PHP helps to maintain the code efficiently. Thus, MVC architecture helps in the separation of files for different modules separately.

Great Support 

PHP being free and open-source, is very convenient to learn and hosts a massive community of developers. Additionally, this community is very responsive and supportive to lend a helping hand whenever needed. 

Easy Testing 

Testing PHP based websites is very simple and easy. Its dynamic unit performs the unit testing quickly and fastly. It also enables programmers to write test cases and perform the testing smoothly. For web applications based on PHP, developers may not need to write a different code. Hence, PHP frameworks help in automating various tasks. 

Security Solutions for Protecting PHP Based Websites 

As we have seen the competitive advantage of developing websites on PHP, let’s discuss some security solutions for protecting  PHP websites.

HyperText Transfer Protocol 

It has always been the most reliable way of securing any website. HTTPS is a trusted and valued protocol that protects a website from the attacks of intruders. Including this protocol in your domain address adds a security layer to your website. HTTP-STS enables blocking all the vulnerable requests, and it does this for the entire website. Hence, it makes any website even more secure.

.PHP Extension

A proper address is required while saving the files in the.PHP extension. Doing this is essential as it adds more credibility and authenticity. Hence, if you add this extension, no one can access your website. So adding this extension adds a layer of security to your website. 

Update Regularly 

One must update its website regularly. It may not be needed to add plugins regularly, but the PHP software should be updated frequently. The website might get prone to hackers if it is not updated regularly. As a reason, PHP web development companies show importance to PHP updation. Hence, if you own a self-hosting solution, update your PHP extension regularly.

Rooting The Document 

One should always root the PHP application through www, HTML, or var. Rooting enables you to use your website very safely. In case if you have developed your website using Symfony, Laravel, or any other platform which uses API frameworks, then you will have to root it to the public folder. Here, you can hide the sensitive files using www, var, and HTML. 

Cloud Location

It is good to store PHP applications in the cloud. Generally, PHP applications are stored on PHP servers only, but you can also save them on a cloud or a server that shares hosting. Storing applications based on PHP on the cloud reduces the chances of them being phished at any layer. 

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As PHP is one of the preferred programming languages for web development, it is good to protect the websites based on it holistically. It will help the website from being attacked by intruders and malicious hacking software. Developers around the globe use different methods for protecting their developed websites. Additionally, advancements are introduced regularly to protect all kinds of websites and applications. Also, it is good to look for the loopholes in the development process of your websites for improving it timely with a corrective measure. Hence, use the above-stated solutions for adding an advanced layer of security to your PHP website.

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