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6 Reasons Why Chatbots Are Great For Your Business

This digital era needs chatbots more than ever. In case you’re new to this term, a chatbot is like an invisible customer support agent who engages with the customer and helps them find the information they are looking for using the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

So imagine you’re on Spectrum’s website and you find phone number to spectrum to pay my bill. Normally, the chatbox opens the moment you land on the website. The bot asks you if you need any help. You can type in the chatbox and let them you need the customer service number. The bot will answer your question and maybe even share alternative ways to contact an agent. Cool, isn’t it!

The Benefits of Chatbots on Business

With a chatbot, any business can leverage growth. Chatbots can be used for marketing purposes or streamlining customer service.

Ready to learn how these bots can benefit your business? Here, I have laid out the most compelling reasons for you:

1: They Save Money and Time

Let’s say you are a business owner with a team of 3 people. One of them is stuck answering frequent customer questions. That team member can’t do their original job because customers are important. And if hiring another employee is not in your budget right now, you would feel frustrated and so would that employee who is now playing the role of a CS agent.

When a chatbot is introduced to this scenario, it would be a win-win. You will be saving your team’s time since the bot answers customer queries now. Plus, you would be saving money. Now that everyone’s focusing on their roles, the business operations will become smooth.

2: A Pleasing Customer Service Experience

When you put your customers first, they always last. Chatbots are well-known for providing a smooth customer experience. As per a survey, 44% of customers in the USA prefer talking to a Chabot to humans. If you want to please your customers, you need bots.

However, a bot can only help if it’s professional, understand your brand, uses good linguistics, provides proper solutions to customer queries, and works well on all types of devices.

3: Bots Operate 24/7

For an eCommerce business, it’s mandatory to have a customer support team that’s available 24/7 to answer customer queries. But it can cost you a lot of money to keep your customer service line open 24/7. Thanks to bots, the problem is solved.

They are always on. They can cater to your customers no matter what time of the day. If the bot is unable to answer a user’s question, it saves their details and reassures that their problem is addressed. This is done by passing the question to a human or an agent they can speak to.

4: Help with Customer Engagement

Chatbots keep collecting customer info starting from their name, contact details, location, and more. They create customer profiles in the database and study their behavior, likes, and interests. With this information, bots help a business engage with its customers better.

The bot can send customers recommendations based on their past purchase history or preferences. Obviously, when a prospect is shown what they like, the chances of conversion are higher. So, not only do bots keep the customer engaged, they help drive more sales.

5: Showcase New Product/Service

Bots can also be used to broadcast information about a product or service. They assist you to reach a massive audience. Since the attitude of a bot is always friendly and consistent, this eliminates customer frustration.

Push notifications are great for showing a new product or service. The customer would get a notification when they open your site. The bot will be there to take on a tour of the new product, its price, benefits, and other information a potential buyer would like to know.

6: They Can Handle Any Request

As long as the request falls under the capabilities of a bot, it can handle it. For instance, they can answer up to 100 queries at a time.

A bot doesn’t complain and it doesn’t get frustrated when a user asks the same question multiple times. This is not possible if a human is addressing the customer’s concern. The bot serves the customer politely, ensuring that they come back again to make another purchase.

Ready to Invest In Chatbots?

Now all you need to do is choose the chatbot platform. To keep things simple, start with the Facebook Messenger bot and test it for your business. Be certain about the purpose of the bot. is it for generating sales or simply answering customer queries?

If you would like to tap into the benefits shared above, it’s never too late to get a chatbot for your business. Use your Internet service provider to Google how chatbots are being used in your industry. Improve customer experience, generate more lead, save time and energy, and experience growth by leveraging chatbots.