Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Protein Powder

Protein Powder
Image Source: Unsplash

We have this notion that protein powder is only for those who regularly goes to the gym or those who want to bulk up. But the truth is we could all benefit from drinking protein powder. Protein is a crucial macronutrient that aids in the production of enzymes and hormones, muscular growth, and tissue healing.

It help in toning muscles and aids in weight lost, that’s why it is a popular dietary supplement. Protein is one of the components of bone, muscle, and skin and it’s necessary for the body to make molecules like enzymes and hormones.

Protein powder is a superfood that offers many benefits for health and wellness. It is used to increase the protein content of food and provides an extra boost for those who are looking to build muscle or lose weight.

The following are some of the health advantages of consuming protein powders:

Gaining muscle

This is the main reason why you see athletes and gym rats drinking protein shakes. Since, protein is necessary for the growth of muscles and it helps with post-strength training bodybuilding. According to studies, adults engaging in resistance exercises, are benefitted by protein supplements intensely increasing muscle size and strength. Research shows that the muscle protein synthesis rates increases by up to 5-fold after a resistance training session.

In addition to helping muscles grow, protein is also beneficial in muscle tissue repair. People who lead active lifestyles and often engage in strenuous activities take protein powder to hastily recover from post-activity soreness.

Numerous studies suggest that consuming protein supplements after working out helps speed up recovery by minimizing muscle damage. It enhances muscle function, and increases muscle protein synthesis.

Weight control

People who are consuming foods high in protein and taking supplements tend to snack less because they are satiated and feeling full for a longer period of time. They find it to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight . If necessary, they mightshed some pounds since they are able to control the portion of what they eat and when. This type of supplement especially organic grass fed beef protein powder also aids in lowering total cholesterol, blood pressure and minimizing the risk factors for other cardiovascular disease.

As a supplement

Protein supplements are also for those who are not able to consume the daily recommended amount of protein intake. The daily intake advised for adults 19 years of age and older is 56g for men and 46g for women. If you are not able to meet this daily requirement, then protein powder may be a simple answer.

Vegans and vegetarians who are not consuming meat products, this is a good source of protein for them. Athletes, weightlifters, senior citizens, and those suffering from chronic illness, consume more protein than necessary as advised by professionals.

For most people, protein powders can be a useful supplement to provide their body with the amount of protein they need and the additional nutrients. Not everyone needs the additional protein especially if a person’s diet comprises of rich protein sources. But if you feel you would benefit from a protein supplement, consult with a physician or a dietician first and ask their recommendations for the product suitable for you.