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5 Risk Prone Educational Professions During COVID-19

Educational Professions

It turned out that in times of COVID-19, teleworking or freelancing gives more stability than office professions. Especially if this work is related to such an actively developing area as online education. Even amid a pandemic, dozens of schools, colleges, and universities are operating online and are recruiting employees.

Education is traditionally considered a very conservative sphere. But the development of technology changes our understanding of the ways of acquiring knowledge and forces us to seriously rethink the usual approach to the educational process. This means that education specialists will be in great demand in the future.

The rise of dissertation services in UK is also an example of a remote profession that is gaining success. We have compiled for you the top 5 professions in online education that are in demand on the market.

1. Technical Administrator

The tech admin can manage several projects at the same time, spending 2-3 hours a day for each. Without his “magic” no project will take off. The administrators configure the work of the educational platform; sometimes even make the landing page. They upload materials, answer students’ questions via live chat, and make sure the entire system work properly.

Who Is Suitable For This Profession?

This profession is suitable for those who take interest in new technologies and are ready to work with new programs and systems. At the same time, they don’t require to have IT education for the administrator of an online education. It only requires curiosity and a willingness to understand a new area from scratch.

2. Online Course Facilitator

Often referred to as learning architects, facilitators take the expertise of a subject and wrap it up in an understandable online course. They also think over the practice and homework, evaluate the feedback, and are generally responsible for the quality of the educational product and the result.

These professionals can work at universities and schools, helping them go online and deliver their courses on platforms like Zoom.

Who Is Suitable For This Profession?

Fans of any kind of training, people who are used to reading a lot are suitable for this profession. Experience of offline teaching and the ability to explain the most difficult topic in a simple and understandable way will be useful. You will have to work with a lot of information and build a system in it.

3. Online Course Producer

Whereas the tech admin and facilitator pack the expert materials for users and create a comfortable learning environment, the producer is in charge of the initial selection of experts. He also manages the project team and is responsible for all processes in the production of an educational product. Along with course producers, demand for services of assignment writing in UK has also gained popularity in a pandemic.

Who Is Suitable For This Profession?

Extroverts who love and know how to communicate with people easily get to know and keep in touch. You will also need to take on a lot of responsibility and have experience in team management.

4. Online Sales Person

Experts predict that the demand for salespersons will only grow, especially online. This person communicates with potential and very real clients of the online education: he advises them and does everything so that the project gets a new satisfied client.

Who Is Suitable For This Profession?

People with advanced communication skills: they will need to communicate a lot, explain and delve into customer problems. The advantages will be developed empathy, emotional intelligence, and sales skills.

  • SMM Specialist

Leads social networks of online college, writes posts, and conducts activities for subscribers (marathons, games, and polls). Also, depending on experience, he can take over the setup of targeted advertising. He is also often responsible for communicating with users on social networks, becoming a community manager: he forms active communities, works with negativity in comments, and maintains dialogue.

Who Is Suitable For This Profession?

Outgoing empathic people who are ready to answer users’ questions and help them are suitable for this profession. An SMM manager often speaks on behalf of a brand. It’s great if you’re tech-savvy and able to quickly learn new online tools.