July 2, 2022

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Whatsapp status for friends, family, colleagues or fans, secret message links to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. A secret message link allows anyone to send anonymous messages without revealing their identity.

Would you like to add a secret message link to your Facebook profile to receive mysterious messages from your friends?

Secret message link

Are you ready to learn observations about you without people knowing about you?

In one step, you know the truth. Honestly, get a secret message from a colleague, know your strengths and weaknesses, what people think about you, get out of hypocrisy, recognize reality and strengthen your personality. Now you have a good understanding of what the Secretmessagelink Secret Message Link is. You can create a secret message link, share it with your friends, and receive anonymous praise from prayers, lovers, friends, and family members.

Creating a secret message link is easy. Method is as follows.

Open secretmessagelink.com in your mobile browser.

Enter a name in the empty text field and tap Create Link.

Save the user ID and pin in the memo app or take a screenshot of the page. This is required to access the secret message.

Click and tap Copy to copy the created link.

You can now add the copied link to your Facebook profile.

Open the Facebook app and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.

Tap View profile or display name.

Tap Edit Publishing Details.

Scroll down and tap Add next to the link.

Tap Add Website.

Paste the copied link and tap Done on your keyboard.

Tap the save icon at the top to save your changes.

You can now see the secret message link in your profile. Anyone who taps a link to open it can send an anonymous secret message. You can track these messages on the previous page where you created the link in your browser. If the page is logged out, you can use the saved or screenshotd credentials to view your inbox.


What is a secret message link at www.Secretmessagelink.com?

Secret message link

Secret Message Link By www.secretmessagelink.com allows you to receive anonymous messages from your friends. It’s up to you to receive honest and constructive feedback from your employees and friends and discover areas of your strengths and improvements.

Is this secret message link website just for your best friend?

No, you can also share a Darre link with anyone on WhatsApp contacts or your Facebook friends list and ask them to respond to that Darre link. This will give you an idea of ​​what people generally think of you. Then ask your friends to join this platform and send us a unique link for anonymous admiration.

Is the Secretmessagelink website safe?


The platform is safer than ever as we continue to work on the user experience to make the game more enjoyable. We value safety. If you feel unsafe, you can stop using the service.

We focus on friendship and can confess to each other and tell secrets, whether openly and anonymously.

Why use Secretmessagelink secret message link?

Our anonymous messaging comes with many great features along with a better UI and user experience. Less ads Mobile friendly and more

How to create a secret message link? Or how does it work?

Secret message link WhatsApp Creates a status. Receive anonymous messages from your friends every day.

  • Enter the secret message link URL: https://secretmessagelink.com/secret-wall
  • Enter a name, create a secret message link and share the link with your friends. However, you can also share links not only with them, but also with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms social media platforms.
  • Post a secret message link and you will receive an anonymous message that only you can see.


Why use Secretmessagelink secret message link?

Secret Message Link is an anonymous secret message link platform with many unique features. You can check it by using it only once.

How do I stop receiving Secretmessagelink notifications?

To stop receiving notifications, tap the lock icon in your browser’s URL bar, click Site Settings, click the Notifications button, and turn off Show Notifications. You can see that notifications are now turned off.  Can also use this method to turn off notifications from other sites. You can also search for step-by-step guides on Google by entering Disable Push Notifications in your Android browser.

Want to know who sent me a message?

If you are using a service called Anonymous Messages, you need to understand that the ID of the user sending the message is not stored. Therefore, there is no way to know who sent the message.

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