Setting The Tplink Repeater to Increase the Strength of my Router

After gambling over the thought of buying a new router for one whole year, finally, I decided to let my hands on the tplink repeater. I live far away from my hometown and return back there once or twice a year. So the only way my parents could connect to me is through video-calls. However, as my hometown is far away from the main city, the network is not always at its best. I have tried changing the Wi-Fi and the router many times but all in vain. So, finally in the fit to give it one last shot, I decided to go for the tplink repeater.

It has been a few months now and I can assure you that the tplink repeater is probably the best solution I could get as there are no more internet problems. These Repeaters are possibly the best range extenders available in the market in today’s date. They are of pocket-friendly price and simplistic design which attracts many people, including me and their top of the line hardware provides a reliable network extension. It was the best investment I put forward and I have got no second thoughts to that. My parents are extremely satisfied with the end results and life has been a bit easier than before.

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to extend the Wi-Fi range in your house, the tplink repeater is the best thing you can get hold of.

Setting up the Repeater

The setup of the tplink repeater is very easy. It needs to be set only once and there is no need to set while switching on or off the main router or even this extender. Before setting up the tplink repeater, one has to make sure that it is properly connected to the power supply. Then you need to link your computer with an Ethernet cable. Then one can easily follow either of the two procedures that are provided in the manual or they can pay a visit to and then follow the tplink repeater setup procedure. You need to keep in mind to use an Ethernet cable to link your main router to your tplink repeater through their LAN ports but also make sure that the Wi-Fi you are using is compatible.

Logging into the Tplink Repeater

The tplink repeaters have a very easy and convenient web interface, which helps in configuring the extender to setup the extended network. After setting up the repeater, you need to login to the login and then connect the repeater to your Wi-Fi router and then go to the Wi-Fi tab and then click on “Connect”. You will be directed to another tab where you need to type your password and log-in. You will now have access to the internet from your tplink repeater.

Then you need to open on any web browser to access the settings of your extender. Scan for your Wi-Fi. If you are unable to see the name of your Wi-Fi, click on “more networks” and once you get to see your Wi-Fi, enter your log-in credentials (Wi-Fi name and password) and then click on connect. You could then set the same and password of the extended network and after that your extender will perform the work to increase the range and better the performance of your network.

Tplink Repeater Troubleshooting

There could be many reasons why you could not reach the You might feel that the not working is a technical issue, but it is always recommendable to upgrade your device to the latest firmware before any troubleshooting as there could be reasons to block you from accessing the web management page of the range extender by using the domain name One of the most probable reasons could be the fact that the domain name has been entered in the search bar but not the address bar. The address bar is where you have to type the domain name for the page to appear or it could be that the devices are directly connected to the range extender but the local DNS cache needs to be flushed or it also could be that the device is not directly connected to the range extender.

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