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Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Every Eye Shape

best eye makeup tips

With the pandemic around and all of us wearing masks, eye makeup has suddenly gained more popularity since it’s the only part of the face that’s visible. But I know many people who are not really confident about getting their eye makeup right. I might seem silly but we can’t blame them either and that’s because we all have a different eye type. From almond to hooded eyes, there are multiple eye shapes, therefore, the style/technique of applying eyeshadow or creating different eye makeup looks on different eye shapes differs a lot. While a simple makeup for hooded eyes may look gorgeous, it may not look so flattering over other eye shapes. 

Therefore, to understand the difference here and know what best suits your eye shape I’ll be sharing eye makeup tips for girls with different eye shapes. Just follow these simple eye makeup tips to ace those perfect eyes.

The Best Eye Makeup Tips & Techniques For Different Types of Eye Shapes

With the right technique and by following these simple eye makeup tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to rock that perfect eye makeup. No matter what your eye shape we have a solution. If you’re willing to know more, continue reading.

  • Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are nothing but almond-shaped eyes with a twist. With this eye type, the lower lid appears larger than the upper lid. 

The best way to complement your upturned eyes is with the help of a little dark eye shadow or a liner that’s placed on the outer corners of your lower lash line. After that, you can apply a medium-toned eyeshadow onto your lid before adding a subtle highlight on your brow bone. Make sure you don’t go too heavy-handed with your highlight, keep it as subtle as possible.

  • Downturned Eyes

These are the complete opposite of upturned eye and by this, I mean that the upper lid appears larger than the lower. 

If you fall under this category, keep this in mind. Do not blend the eye shadow too far above the crease as it can look a tad messy for your eye shape. Secondly, the best way to amp up downturned eyes is to use natural colors that brighten and open up the eyes.

  • Round Eyes

If you look at your eyes very closely and realize that you can see your whole iris without it being covered up by your upper lid, then your eye type is round.

The best way to wear eyeshadow for your eye shape is by opting with a smokey eye using deeper shadows. Finish off your look by applying a bright highlight to the inner corners of your eyes and over your brow bone to enhance your look. For eyeliner, without second thoughts always go for a straight cat-eye look as it would magnify your eyes the most. 

  • Almond Eyes

We all know what an almond looks like right? That’s exactly how an almond-shaped eye looks like. Slightly elongated towards the inner and outer corners. 

With your slightly elevated and symmetrical eyes, you can just about any shade and try any eye makeup look. If you’re not sure where to start from, here’s a tip. Try a perfect nude smoky eye using a medium matte brown on your lid and pair it with a slightly darker shade into your crease. Blend both the shades together and you’re done!

  • Hooded Eyes

When you have excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line, you have hooded eyes. And you have a smaller lid in comparison to the rest, there’s no need to highlight them too much. It won’t be visible.

But what you can do is, apply a dark eyeshadow on your outer corner and in the crease, to make it noticeable and give everyone the illusion of bigger eyes. A winged eyeliner, on the other hand, would help define your eyes more.

I hope that these simple eye makeup tips will help you understand what suits your eye shape the best. 

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