Smart Products That Are Energy-Efficient


Being environmentally conscious is the way to go. In these present times, our planet has suffered at the hands of humans and their daily lifestyles, all the products we use, our consumption patterns, and our habits. There are still ways though, for people to do their part in preserving the health of the environment.

Many companies have overtime switched to eco-friendly production methods and several products have been rolled out in these past few years that are energy-efficient. These products are more commonly known as Smart Products – they may be heavy on the pocket but can go a long way in cutting down utility bills and consumption. Think of them as an investment. 

Ohio Edison, a subsidiary of parent company First Energy Service Company, is a prime example of a company providing energy-efficient services to the public. Their services include Surge Assistance, Electrical services, Security Lighting, Tree Services, and when it comes to Smart Energy Ohio Edison also provides the following: Landscape Lighting, Post Lamps, Home Insulation, and repairs. Their lighting services are all automated and energy-efficient. They have features such as pre-set schedule settings, controllable through your smartphones, and can automatically adjust themselves throughout the day.

There is a whole list of smart, energy-efficient products for your homes; cut down on your bills and do your part in saving the environment. Read on further to find out what products you should consider investing in.

Smart Thermostats

There is a way to cut down on your electric and heating utility bills, and that is by installing a Smart Thermostat in your home. Unlike a standard thermostat, these connect to the home Wi-Fi and in turn can be connected and controlled via your phone, tablet, and even a voice assistant if there is one in the house. 

Smart thermostats work by automatically adjusting the thermostat of the house. Some models even come with a built-in sensor that turns off the air conditioning or heating of a specific room if there is no movement for a certain time. If you were to leave for work, your thermostat can automatically turn itself off if it has the sensor feature, or even a pre-set schedule, otherwise you can always switch it off from your phone. And just to clarify, they can be controlled remotely as well.

Smart Lighting

Smart bulbs, smart switches, the Landscape lighting by Ohio Edison are all products designed for the sole purpose of being energy-efficient. The plus side is the reduced electric utility bills for you. Some common features of these products are such that these can be controlled through an application that is downloaded onto your smartphones and tablets, thus allowing you to control the lights from literally anywhere – even halfway across the city. Smart lights also have motion sensors and pre-set schedule options to maximize energy saving; that means switching on and off according to the movements in different rooms, or according to the set schedules. 

One thing you must know about smart bulbs is that they produce the same bright light that a normal bulb does, but by consuming less electric power. The lights can also be dimmed or brightened depending on how you want them.

Smart Sprinklers

Sprinklers are one reason that contributes to water wastage. People forget to turn them off, they don’t know how much water is supposed to be enough, and some sprinklers can be so delicate that the slightest force can cause a sprinkler head to malfunction. Surely you can relate to a few problems with your sprinkler system as well.

Switching to Smart Sprinklers can be one of the best decisions you make for your home improvement. These work by connecting to the home Wi-Fi and using the weather forecast of hundreds of stations around in order to use the right amount of water for your garden. In times of the rainy season, they can skip on watering your garden – and this eventually and quite obviously saves your water bill and the environment. 

Final Thoughts

Every household can do its part for saving the environment and switching to energy-efficient ways of living. The next time you’re looking into home repairs or revamping of any sort, maybe consider installing a smart product of two and you will notice the difference yourself. 

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