Star Map – The Best Gifting Option

It’s always a delight to watch stars, galaxies, and nebulas in the sky. Not just the astronomers but people can also predict the constellations and it fascinates them the most. Usually one requires a telescope to watch this astronomical body but a few of them can be predicted with the naked eye. What if all these stars and galaxies are visible without even looking at the sky? Sounds peculiar? Right? It is possible to locate stars, sun, moon, and planets from a particular place and time with the help of a star map.

There are billions of stars in the sky and this data of all the celestial bodies is logged by the Astronomical Centre of NASA. The data is based on the past and present observations of planetary missions and laboratory experiments. The data is then fed in the software which makes use of the date and time input by the individual and geographical features to frame an accurate map.

A star map can be used as a gifting option to present on different occasions such as:

  • A wedding or anniversary present
  • A birthday gift which can always be memorable
  • A valentine’s day gift for your loved one
  • A baby shower gift

Despite gifting the usual gift options, one can think of this star map which is a meaningful present and has significance too. These star maps can be made appealing by adding graphics and personalized star map gift is something which is adored by everyone. The map frames can be made in different shapes of circle, heart, diamond, etc. which gives it a unique look.

Along with the graphics, constellations can be plotted on the map that could be framed and hanged on the wall that enhances the beauty of the wall as well. This timeless gift is cherished by everyone. Several corporate companies have started gifting star maps to their employees or clients and special bulk orders are placed during festive seasons or birthdays. It takes 2-3 days designing, plotting, and framing the map and in total less than a week to ship it within India and international shipping takes 10-12 days.

This map gifting option is worth every single penny spent. The quality of paper used is reliable and long-lasting with different designs and patterns, various background colours including red, blue, brown, etc, apart from black, and wooden or metal frame that gives it a professional look. The star map is formed by an experienced professional with authentic scientific data and it is verified several times before the algorithm is set and the map is devised.

Switch from boring gift ideas to something unique and unexpected. Not just for the people who like stars and planets, this star map can be for anyone and everyone. The first date present, wedding, or engagement present for the loved ones with the alignment of time and place chosen by the individual can turn out to be an amazing surprise. A star map memory that will forever remain in their hearts.