The Best Time for Small Businesses to Get a Dedicated Server is Right from the Start

Small businesses may be difficult to take off because of various constraints. It was always a difficult task for young entrepreneurs, and during the current year, businesses have to face new hurdles. That makes it even tougher to start a venture and become successful. 

Dealing with external forces is one factor, and the other one is the internal factor. Think about the networking being used for small business and the need for different functions like storage, printing and connecting with current and potential customers. With time, as your business starts to grow beyond your resources, it is time to seriously think about so that your performance doesn’t get a hit. 

How to Proceed?

Small businesses and startups certainly don’t have much to shell out at the start of their business, but that’s where they have to be vigilant. On the one hand, they have to save money but also need enough infrastructure that is enough to get them going. One example will help you understand what I am trying to connote. 

Managing email helps you out in your businesses so that at the start of your business, with the help of free services like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, you can get your business going. For 10-20 people, it will be good enough for you, but after some time, you will need an exchange server like Microsoft Exchange. 

With the increase in the number of your employees, you will need more email addresses. For business needs like more space or the option of heavy files attachment, free services will limit you. Microsoft Exchange fits the bill as you will require exceptional and dedicated services to help you out. The security and privacy of your emails is also an issue, and only such a service will help you.

When you Need a Dedicated Server?

For web hosting, it is an absolute requirement. You may have opted for just the Exchange server, but there are certain critical aspects that you need to think about. And web hosting is one of them. After taking care of the emails, what is your online presence? Don’t you feel the need for a web server that can aptly cater your visitors and offer them excellent support will be your savior? The answer is in affirmative and now let me provide you a detailed account as to how and why a dedicated server must be your requirement. 

Right from the moment small businesses start their operations, they have a dilemma of choosing between different server types. Most of them opt for shared servers as the cost is substantially lower than that of dedicated servers, but in many cases, they won’t work. The idea to save costs at the start of a business is not a bad one, but business owners must consider what can happen in the near and distant future and plan accordingly. 

As the number of users increases, they require access to the same data, such as sales or marketing people looking at the latest projected sales figures. Sometimes there is a growing need to make things work for you pretty quickly rather than looking for excuses to delay the process. A dedicated server is what they need as it is always equipped with large storage capacity that can even be increased in case a business requires more. 

Use of Applications and a Secure Database 

Companies need to use various applications so that they can work on various aspects of their business.  A secure database is a primary requirement but let me shed some light on why businesses need a secure database, and server so that they are better off.

A database is where all your information about your company and customers is stored. Think about any discrepancy happening in the database, and you will lose all the records. That’s why it is imperative that you take care of the database and its security. For example, think about some employees using a USB disk to transfer data to and from the server. It can compromise the security aspect and make your database vulnerable to different viruses or malicious programs.

Managing other Shared Resources 

There are several types of shared resources that any typical business entity used like a printer, optical disk drives and a central database. Servers can take control of a shared job like a printing task that is required by many users. A drive, for example, connected to a computer can be shared on the network so that all the computers present on that network can use the optical drive without fail.

Such is the way a job must be done as the role of a server becomes essential. A server can assume the functions of multiple devices, such as a router or backup storage device. Multiple jobs can be virtualized, and their functions of various devices run simultaneously on the same machine. 

Better Performance and Value for Money 

Better performance is the aspect people usually associate with such servers like HostNoc dedicated servers which are amongst the best in the market. With servers like these at your disposal, all your daily tasks will be performed much faster and efficiently too than a cloud-based option. Mostly a cloud-based provider’s resources are shared between all of the users.

A dedicated server is the most cost-effective solution and offers value for money for the users. Think about it as one of the most important decisions for you in the long term. A dedicated server may look expensive in the initial few months, but as time progresses, you will not rue your decision. With a higher amount of resources and a competitive price, companies have every reason to think about this as their preferred choice. 

Over to you 

With the customization option on your side, virtually all the businesses nowadays go for a dedicated server. And if you are still not switched to a dedicated server, in the near future, it will be impossible for you to do without it. 

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