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Tiktok For Business: The News To Use It In The Company

Tiktok For Business: The News To Use It In The Company

TikTok for Business is the TikTok platform reserved for companies. Here are the data and news to know to better integrate it into your business.

Chinese social network born in 2016, TikTok immediately took hold in the world. And there are many TikTokers (the equivalent of influencers on Instagram) who, through the app, have made themselves known by becoming real stars.

How does TikTok work? Basically, it is the “social of video”: users upload very short video and music clips , between 15 and 60 seconds, with the ability to change the speed, add filters and special effects, songs, sounds, voices to dub .

Beyond your own personal use, TikTok can also be used for your own business. Or, better, you can use TikTok for Business which – with the cry of “ Do not advertise, make TikToks ” is a new global platform designed to allow companies to do marketing through social media.

What is TikTok for Business and how it works

TikTok for Business is the ideal choice if your company has as a typical customer the so-called Millennials and Generation Z, the main users of the social network: through immediate videos, funny clips and the launch of real challenges , it is possible to reach a wide audience with a simple language, immediately understandable and close to the new generations. New generations that, sometimes, cannot be found on “traditional” social networks: just think that a quarter of TikTokers do not even have a profile on Facebook.

If initially brands could at most involve the most followed TikTokers according to the logic of influencer marketing, or “try their luck” by creating their own profile, now thanks to the new features they can transform TikTok into an extraordinary marketing tool. A new way of advertising or, better said, advertisements. Always keeping in mind the essence of social media: creating engaging, fun, highly challenging content and specifically designed to go viral. Or at least to try.

A few weeks after its launch, TikTok for Business was integrated with several tools. One of the most functional, and immediately loved, is Gamified Branded Effect : the company can customize over twenty templates and enrich the chosen theme with branded elements, giving life to “videogames”. Basically, the expressions and body movements of the TikToker are used to perform certain actions (from maneuvering a submarine to moving a ball) that make the video a sort of “spot”, certainly less self-referential but more adventurous and therefore memorable .

As stated Adriano Accardo, Managing Director for Southern Europe: “The successful brands on TikTok do not advertise but connect, inspire, co-create and above all entertain people . Companies therefore have to rethink the concept of creativity, combining it with being authentic and real “.

TikTok Business, which tools to use

The key word to keep in mind is “authenticity”: this is what TikTok users ask of a brand. An objective that the company can pursue by drawing on specific tools:

Branded Hashtag Challenge , challenges that propose a hashtag and ask users to make videos using it

Integrated video ads, full video ads containing a call-to-action , which are displayed among user content

Acquisition ads , full video screen option that lasts 24 hours and which aims to capture users’ attention when they access the platform (the call-to-action can refer to a landing page or a Branded Hashtag Challenge)

Branded Sticker , stickers offered to users for their content on TikTok (an option that requires a large budget, since it requires collaboration with the platform itself)

Which companies are using TikTok for Business successfully? Among the most followed accounts there is that of Sephora , which not only presents new products but also teaches how to use them with fun and engaging tutorials. Crocs , to launch his profile, instead organized a competition with the collaboration of the American rapper Post Malone: ​​his song “I’m Gonna Be” names the famous shoes. Users were invited to create videos with the hashtag #ThousandDollarCrocs, to tell their hypothetical thousand dollar Crocs.

Calvin Klein has also focused on celebrities who, with the complicity of Shawn Mendes, Kendall Jenner, Noah Centineo and A $ AP Rocky, launched its spring campaign on TikTok (the hashtag was #mycalvins). And then Red Bull , with its #givesyouwings, a campaign that showed famous sportsmen doing dangerous and exhilarating stunts. Ideas to copy, adapting them to your core business .