August 11, 2022
Century Flush Doors

The entrance to your home is like a calling card. From the time your guests enter your home, they set their expectations about what the rest of the house will look like. Your front door needs to make a good first impression and complement the décor of your interiors. A stylish door can speak volumes about your space, but is that enough? Your doors should not only be stylish but should be able to provide security as well as privacy for you and your family. You, as a homeowner, need to pick an option that balances elegance and functionality before deciding on an option.

Here are a couple of tips to help you pick the best type of exterior door for your home.

Exterior and interior door-

All homes should have an exterior front door that is solid, strong, secure and is capable of swinging inwards for smooth operation. A front door should also be able to be fitted with a deadbolt and a doorknob for better security and durability. Besides these standard features, the matter of style comes down to personal choice.

Interior doors are used to separate one room from another inside the house. Since they are not required to provide security or withstand harsh weather conditions, you can opt for a lighter door.

French doors-

French doors are double doors composed largely of glass panes that open inward. When shut, the double-doors meet – one door attached at the top and one on the bottom door frame. Door bring in a lot of extra light into the room and are used mainly as exterior door if a room lacks natural light.

Sliding glass doors-

Sliding glass doors are constructed as a back door or a side door of a house and often open onto a balcony or a patio. These doors are similar to flush doors and let in a lot of light. Sliding glass doors are perfect for a house with large windows and will compliment the décor well.

Screen doors-

Screen doors are light in weight and are installed on the outside of exterior door. You can keep these door open to allow fresh air and light into a home while blocking insects and dust. Due to their light construction, screen door can get damaged easily. So ensure that you choose the right one for your home.

Final Word

With so much to consider and so many choices when you buy doors online. You need to remember to see what your home needs and invest in door accordingly.  Look for reputed brands such as CenturyDoors that provide a range of options such as flush door, decorative door, panelled door and more such options for your home.

A door will last a lifetime if it is picked well and is made of high-quality material. You can be certain that it will be a great investment for your home. It will not only protect you from outside weather but keep you safe while enhancing the overall décor of your home.

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