Tips to Make Your Car Comfortable for Long Distance Driving

Road trips in 2020 are going to be a really hot ticket due to the coronavirus pandemic.

No concerts, no sporting activities, no festivals, no major meetings, no fun? Not necessarily, roads are now filled with cars and people seeking to avoid chaos in order to find harmony and solitude in nature in the forms of long-distance driving. You might also want to get out of the house and engage in an activity that would have limited interaction with other people. Big events are off, but camping in the woods is really on!  Regardless of what your choice of destination is, all you need is your car ( in proper condition), good company and you’re all set to get on the wheels and go on an adventure.

But before you leave home, there are a few easy steps you can take to secure your car, your journey, and your loved ones.

It is advisable to go for a car service before you hit the road just to ensure that your car is in a good condition.

Before you hit the road, you can double-check each of these quickly:

  • Adjust the oil and filter
  • Start your trip with a clean car, both inside and outside. It will help you find your map when you need it, and so on.
  • Try not to bring your luggage over the car. It causes air friction and slows you down, consuming more gas. If this is inevitable, cover it with a solid sheet and tie it very well.
  • Keep a small garbage bag inside your vehicle.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Check the cabin air filter because you don’t want a musty scent coming from your vents.
  • Cover the headlights and front of the car with a protective sheet to prevent bugs or other damage.
  • Check if the car window tinting is done and functional. Getting your car windows tinted can help you keep your car cool by keeping the sun’s heat at bay.
  • Get an extra set of belts for your vehicle.
  • Change the spark plugs.
  • Make sure you have a tyre iron and a jack in your car.
  • Check the spare tyre.
  • Pack a fire extinguisher, please.
  • Bring towels to clean dirty windshields, spills, etc.
  • Get a spare key for your car and keep it in your pocket or somewhere else in case you lock your keys in your car.
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded your podcast (you can lose service), music library up to date. Or your favourite CD, if you’re old fashioned.
  • Don’t forget any of the cables you need; car charger for your cell, auxiliary cable, USB cables, camera chargers, Go Pro chargers, drone chargers, etc.
  • Don’t ignore those tiny but vitally important memory cards while you’re taking pictures or videos.
  • Sun lenses
  • Bring a plastic container to add water or other fluids. Carry a bucket of water if you need to use a river or a lake for an emergency coolant.
  • Only fill your gas tank when it’s half full. Don’t wait too long for that.
  • Make sure the owner’s manual is in close proximity.

These long-distance driving tips are a must for efficient traveling. After all, you may not be a part of your vehicle, but keeping your means of transport in a good condition is the distinguishing factor in making your road trip memories a good one or a bad one. Don’t forget to talk to the driver in order to keep him or her from dozing off. Talking will help keep the driver-focused, inspired and alert as the hours add up.

New additions due to the Covid-19 pandemic that we are currently living in:

  • Your mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disposable gloves

With these carefully planned long drive tips, and a positive attitude during a trip, you will make sure that you not only endure a long trip but also enjoy it. Have a happy and safe road trip!!