Top 10 Business Etiquette Tips for Professional Meetings

Business Etiquette Tips for Professional Meetings

Professional meetings can get awkward at times. You make unintentional mistakes that may send a wrong message to the other people in the room. These common mistakes are easily avoidable if you are aware of the business etiquettes in different settings. In this article, we have mentioned the tips to behave in a professional meeting at restaurants, offices, other spaces.

Stand While Being Introduced

The attendee must feel your presence in the meetings. By standing, you make yourself almost impossible to ignore. There are times when the host catches you off-guard, and you cannot stand for the introduction. Try to lean forward a little to make others feel you would have stood if it was possible.

Speak Your Full Name

Your full name should always be used in business meetings or other professional situations. For some people, it is more adult, powerful, and makes a statement. While others think it makes remembering the name easy.

Shorten your name if it is difficult to pronounce or too long. Also, try to focus on how others want to be introduced.

Hosts and Higher Ranks Should Initiate Handshakes

Handshake is the ideal way to greet co-workers in a majority of the workspaces. In many instances, it gets awkward on who will initiate the handshake. Ideally, the host or seniors should extend the hand to the guest or lower-ranking person.

In case the former get confused because of some reason, the subordinate should initiate the handshake before it gets awkward. Others will take you seriously if the handshake is correct.

Dressing Correctly is Important

Clothing determines the first impression of any individual. It is an essential aspect of nonverbal communication and can be used to enhance your reputation. Therefore, you need to dress appropriately in any professional setting to send the right message.

Do not spend an enormous amount of money on wardrobe if you cannot afford it. There are unemployed loans offered by lenders which you can use to prepare yourself for pitching the idea with the perfect attire.

Go through the dress code of any event, restaurant, or meeting you are about to attend. This will ensure your outfit is well suited for the occasion.

Limit the Use of “Thank You”

People who use “thank you” more than twice in a conversation sound needy and helpless at times. The most you can use it in the same conversation in twice. However, this is no hard and fast rule.

Say “Thank You” Individually

To sound more professional, you should always send thank you notes individually to the recipients. Ensure the message is delivered within 24 hours. Emails are the best alternative for this task. The handwritten letters can take days or even weeks to reach their destination.

Do not Carry Your Mobile Phone Everywhere

It is highly unprofessional to use a phone during a meeting. Other people may feel annoyed with the lack of attention from your side. Always take permission to send an email or message if it is an emergency.

Placing the phone on the table in another annoying habit that most people consider normal. It shows your attention is diverted towards the mobile phone while listening to the other person.

Men and Women can Pull Their Chairs

You are allowed to hold the door for your guest while they enter your premise or some restaurant. However, pulling chair off for them is not recommended in business meetings. You might think of it as a nice gesture with the gender rules, but it is not professionally ideal.

Cross Legs are Not for Professionals

Sitting cross legs is intimidating and sexy at the same time. But you have to admit it can be distracting as well. There is no point in explaining why distracting and sexy doesn’t go well in the professional setups.

Speaking of body language, never point a single finger towards anyone. Try to point with your palm open. It will look less aggressive and gentle that pointing fingers.

Host Should Pay for the Food

The host is responsible for paying the entire bill in professional meetings. Regardless of gender, prepare yourself for the cost of the event if you have invited everyone. For women, it can get a little tricky with the men offering to pay the most times.

You can insist on paying or pay it away from the table. Make sure you have enough money to pay for the meeting. Take help from private lenders in the UK to get fast and easy loans.

In the end, you need to make a polite exit from the even by carefully taking care of the business etiquettes.