Top Crucial Tips for Tokay Gecko Care

Tokay Gecko Care

Instead of common pets, people prefer exotic pets these days. Adopting cats or dogs is a good thing. They are habituated to staying close to human beings. But, it is a challenge to adopt wild animals. A lot of animals are violent towards humans. For example, large cats are violent against humans. Though people used to adopt large cats like lions and tigers in past, it is not anymore permitted. You can adopt some beautiful reptiles though. The good thing is that you do not have to devote a lot of time to nurturing the reptiles.

Adopting Tokay Gecko

Adopting Tokay Gecko

Among the reptiles, lizards are the popular choices for exotic pets. There are a lot of beautiful lizards. A lot of them are harmless to humans. Some of them can cause harm to humans. The ones that are not harmful can be chosen as exotic pets. For example, bearded dragons are popular pets in Australia and the USA. Similar to them, the Tokay gecko is also a popular exotic pet in many Asian and European countries. In the USA and South American countries, demand for Tokay gecko is also rising. What is so special about Tokay Gecko? They have vibrant body color, and the appearance is quite unique. They are the second-largest gecko. They can adopt different climate conditions easily. Hence, keeping them as pets is an easy thing to do.

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Things to Know for Tokay Gecko Care

If you are thinking about adopting the Tokay gecko, you need to learn a few things about this beautiful lizard. The most important thing is to know the food habit. Secondly, you need to learn about the nature of these animals. Certain things can make them frightened and unhappy. Similarly, a few things can turn these little animals aggressive. So, you need to know a few things about them to keep them happy. Here are a few tips for you for Tokay gecko care.

Leave Them Alone

Tokay gecko is sensitive towards its territory. It likes to stay alone in its territory. Apart from the season of mating, they would not appreciate the presence of another male or female gecko in its territory. They also do not like to stay in close contact with humans. It is better that you do not touch them regularly. Feed them from time to time, and then forget about them. They shall stay happy and healthy without your intervention.

Tokay Gecko Is Not Friendly for Kids

You should not let your kids handle Tokay gecko. They turn aggressive if they have been touched frequently by humans. In presence of humans, they feel insecure. As a result, they tend to become aggressive. Becoming aggressive is the self-defense strategy from the Tokay gecko. When they are aggressive, they can bite strongly. Though the bite would not cause harm for adults, it can cause problems for kids. The saliva of gecko possesses a lot of bacteria and viruses. Hence, it is not good for kids if they are bitten by the gecko.

Heat, Light, and Humidity

Tokays love climate temperature between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This should be the ideal temperature in the day time. You can reduce the temperature to 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit after sunset. For the purpose of heat generation, you need to use an incandescent bulb. If you live in a hot and humid tropical region, there is no need to make any special arrangements as mentioned above. Since Tokays come from South East Asia’s tropical forests, they love the damp or humid ambiance. The humidity level should be around 70%.

Foods for Tokay Gecko

Gecko love eating various insects and worms. So, you can feed the insects and worms to Tokays. Superworm is a perfect food for the Tokays. Juveniles should be fed once in 24 hours. Adults can be fed once in 2-3 days. Since they come from tropical regions, they do not hibernate like other reptiles. You may have seen that bearded dragons go through a hibernation period.

Keeping these simple things in mind will help you to raise Tokay Gecko easily in your house. These reptiles do not cost high. They can live for at least 10-12 years. Moreover, you do not need to worry about their food. The foods are easily available at pet stores. Tokay gecko care.