Top Reasons Why You Should Not Cut the Cords – Benefits of Cable TV

Cable TV

Cable TV has been in our lives for as long as we can remember, it has been the primary source of entertainment for almost all American households. When we talk about favorite shows and movies some of the major memories always take us back to the times when we used to watch it on our televisions.

These good old memories are slowly fading away as the new version of live streaming is coming into existence. People are now preferring to watch different video streaming sites including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, and so on.

Despite all these platforms available for us, we have to think wisely and understand that TV cable is still a great facility that we should not ignore. If you are thinking of cutting the cords and only rely on the video streaming platforms for gaining news, watching movies, and enjoying sports then wait!

We have some amazing benefits listed down below, that will help you remember and realize the advantages and facilitation of cable TV.

Extensive Channel Options

We can all remember those moments of happiness when we used to rule on the remote control and play our favorite channels. But now the world is changing and everyone has their own devices to watch what they want.

But do you feel the pit of loneliness where you don’t get a chance to sit with your family, friends to share the joy? And the warmth you felt with your special someone while tucking in the blankets and watching your favorite show together?

You can still do that! Several ISPs including Spectrum are offering a variety of mind-blowing packages for cable TV, where you can get exclusive access to 200+ of your favorite channels. You can easily explore the available channels in their Spectrum Guide.

In addition to this, you can also watch all your amazing TV shows, news, sports channels, and everything else in HD streaming. Now that’s not something you get on every video streaming platform unless you subscribe by paying them big bucks.

Access and Affordability

Speaking of big bucks! You must understand that making a choice that helps you save more money is a bit complicated in this era. The video streaming platforms make you believe that you are paying less and getting far more optimized entertainment options than your local cable TV provider.

But it is not true! When you get a cable TV service from your ISP such as Spectrum, you get a chance to enjoy all types of channels including, CBS, NBC, NFL Network, The CW, Hallmark Channel, and much more. Plus these channels are available with full access and not imitations.

However, with video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime you have certain restrictions, where you can only have access to movies and shows they have. This also takes us to the point where affordability calls for our favor when we get a cable TV service from our ISP.

Flexibility in Cable TV Plans

If you compare the video streaming platforms and cable TV service the most prominent difference is the number of choices that we have in our hands. Nowadays almost every internet service provider is offering a cable TV service as well as a home phone service.

The cable TV is offered separately as well as bundled up with the other two services. These offers are usually termed as double play and triple-play services. This means you can bundle your internet service with cable TV service and in some cases with home phone services as well.

It not only allows you to save a huge amount of money but you will also get a chance to have a variety of plans and packages at your disposal. You can choose the one that fits right to your need and take a comprehensive advantage from your ISP that comes under your budget.

Narrowing It Down

When it comes to deciding whether to remove your cable TV services or not you can easily evaluate the situation by comparing the price difference that you will get from your local service provider and the branded video streaming platforms. This will make it easier for you to decide and don’t forget to keep the above-mentioned benefits in your mind.

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