Tourism Leverages Technology | A Battle against Covid19



  1. A Trip Down The Memory Lane
  2. Enter Virtual Reality
  3. What Can VR Do To Facilitate Customers?
  4. Disinfectants and Safe Suits
  5. Augmented Reality!
  6. Lastly, Keep Up With The Wind


The pandemic has had a massive impact on all financial sectors of the world. The education system was disrupted, and tourism is completely wrecked. Since online classes and unannounced assignments became a burden, a significant rise in the best dissertation writing help UK services was seen. Countries that relied on travel and tour for their GDP suffered a massive financial downfall. Now that Covid19 has spread all over the world, people are reluctant to dive back into adventure and exploration. This reflects that the tourism industry has a bleak future that may not rise to the level it was before. However, there are solutions to every problem. Recently, the tourism industry has started leveraging technology to battle against Covid19. Moreover, technological integration that was scheduled for later has now been sped up. However, before that, let’s analyze what technology has done for tourism in the past.

A Trip down The Memory Lane

In the past, people use to book their travel plans through travel agents. This was a common practice among frequent travelers before covid19. However, with social distancing and offices being shut down, travel agencies faced significant loss.

Through digital innovations, many conventional businesses cushioned their financial loss by adjusting to web and application-based services. Nowadays, you will find many apps and websites that will scour the internet for cheap flights. Although the shift to online medium had taken place earlier, covid19 played a crucial role in influencing consumer purchase decisions. According to a Google study, 74% of travelers choose to book their tickets from online mediums. However, this is not the right weapon to battle covid19 If the tourism industry wants to make a comeback.

1.   Enter Virtual Reality

The use of cutting edge graphics and affordable VR glasses has caught the attention of high-end tourism brands. These organizations are set out to leverage technology to overcome their hurdles. The main problem that the tourism industry faces post Covid19 is winning back the trust of people and convincing them to cross borders. To make this happens, tourism marketers have brainstormed and figured out that only VR technology can help them navigate through these issues.

What Can VR Do Facilitate Customers?

The only way to build back the passion for tourism is to display pictures of the places people can visit in their leisure time. However, posting pictures and videos has become mainstream, and promotion needs to take a new approach. So, what’s the best way to make people realize what they are missing out on because of their fears? Virtual Reality!

Thanks to technology, we can virtually immerse ourselves in places we can only dream of. Tourism is leveraging from this innovation and utilizing it for their profits. Now, the travel industry is driven to integrate virtual reality in their marketing plan. The seamless feeling of being in a remote location and a 360-degree view can entice the best of us to travel. This is an emotional appeal that is virtually tangible. That is why this strategy is predicted to be successful. However, what about the people who are not affected by emotional appeal?

2.   Disinfectants and Safe Suits

This problem would incur when traveling is opened worldwide. Once the restrictions are lifted, people would be cautious, and traveling will be limited for business purposes. The tourism industry would have to restart from scratch and recreate the fascination people once had for exploring new locations. In this scenario, caravans would be facilitated with the best treatment possible. Therefore, a proper supply of disinfectants and sanitization is mandatory to accommodate the customers. However, the lingering question is, how would the tourism industry prove that it is COVID-free?

3.   Augmented Reality!

The next step after VR was the introduction of Augmented Reality. It is a concept that blends the real world with the virtual. Instead of transporting you into the world of fantasies, AR lifts the veil between reality and imagination. With the use of your mobile camera, you can see the cabin you will be traveling in. This has massive potential in promoting the new tourism industry that is said to emerge post-Covid.

Lastly, Keep Up With the Wind

The travel industry has a lot of challenges to overcome, from government restrictions to convincing people to travel again. The battle is long and challenging. However, there is no guarantee when a new pandemic like this would hit again. Although tourism has now become the riskiest business to invest in, it still has massive opportunities for unimaginable revenue if it is adjusted with the wind.