August 12, 2022

Photo of a closed eye with pink eyeshadow over the lid

Do you feel afraid of options that are there in makeup items? Do you feel that the eye shadows are there in abundance and you get confused to make the right choice? It is the right time that you check out the options that you want to get.

Now, talking about makeup items like Wet n wild color icon blush, foundation or so on; every piece has its own aura and effectivity. You can easily get the makeup items options that are safe and vibrant.  What you should know is that there are diverse types of eyeshadow and every single one is available with a different texture, finishing, formula, and effect. You can check out the streak of options that are there in makeup items to enhance your looks and stay like a diva. In this post, you would get to know about a few types of foundations.

Why are Eye Shadows Used?

Before you go any further and check out some of the types of eye shadows, many of you might be thinking why these eye shadows even exist. Well, eyeshadows get used to emphasize the eyes. And with the correct colour combination and technique, it is definitely going to make the eyes look stunning! For beginners, using and applying eyeshadow might be a scary feat.

Powder Eye Shadow

The most prevalent type of eyeshadow is powder. It is perfect for makeup beginners to start with powder eyeshadow as it is the easiest item to blend. Most powder eyeshadows are compressed into individuals’ pans, that can then get placed in a palette, they either come in a palette of some kind (duo, quad) or they are even separate pigments that come in pans. You can search for the eye shadows that are as per your specific needs, ease, and convenience. This kind of eyeshadow is available in a diversity of finishes.

One thing here that you should keep in mind is that you must never rub powder eyeshadow on your skin. Actually, don’t ever rub anything on your eye as the skin is very sensitive; the more you touch it the more susceptible it can become to developing fine lines and sagging. You should apply by gently patting and pressing the shade onto your eyelid. If you are a beginner, you can do it with your fingers as well. Otherwise, there are brushes too that can help you in getting started.

Cream Eyeshadow

In case you are bored with powder shadows, then it is okay to switch to beautiful thick cream-based ones. These generally come in a pot, but you may now find them in pans, tubes, or even that of in sticks form as well. There are some people who prefer this kind of eyeshadow for the shimmery finish it has and long-wearing formula.  You can find these creams in different textures and makes the ones you explore. You should start your exploration now!


So, you must click here and check out the options in the makeup items that suit your looks, stay safe with your skin type, and pamper your spirit like no other!

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