August 11, 2022
Urgent Care Billing

Urgent Care Billing

As a provider of urgent care services, it is pertinent for you to find answers on why you are falling back on your collections. The high volume of patient intake creates an air of confusion among the front desk staff.

It makes it quite difficult to manage your patient care if you start worrying about paperwork and why you are not getting paid for your claims. To earn a competitive edge, you must make the right efforts to analyze, implement measures easing your challenges in complying with the urgent care billing mandates as has been set by the insurance.

Finding trained resources helping you take your collections to the next level can be confusing. You must know how you should plan with your pre and post RCM challenges by finding someone that knows how to eliminate practice management gaps.

GoTelecare has the perfect answer

Over the last decade, we know how to drive your ROI, and have been working with great credentials. We have billion-dollar references and that too from the best across the industry. Our ability to work as a reliable operational extension has made us a preferred destination for some of the largest urgent care practices of the country. Our team has reduced operational costs by 70% by working with the best with excellent references.

If you are looking for streamlined assistance, GoTelecare knows how to drive your payments as a reliable operational extension. Our team knows how to bring back your money on time by offering comprehensive solutions and that too at next door rates. At just $7 per hour, we offer complete urgent care billing solutions with expertise across all major billing systems in use. We have driven ROI for the best and have strong references across the industry.

Let our team share with you a complete demonstration of what difference we bring to the table as a next-gen revenue cycle management company. Our experts will be happy to share with you on what difference we bring to the table as a next-gen destination as a reliable urgent care billing company.

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