Wall Care Putty And Its Benefits

Everyone wants a beautiful house of their dreams and spends lakhs of rupees to get one. People spend a lot on both in and out of the house especially on the walls and ceilings so they last longer. People always to try to get the best products for their house for a perfect finish. Also, some paint their houses for a new and finished look, but still not get satisfied with the final look. This is because the paint is not enough to provide us with the finished look we desire for. People always stay in a dilemma that how others get such beautiful, shiny and clean walls. The answer to this is wall care putty


Yes, wall care putty helps us to get paint shinier, making it stronger and last longing plus it saves cost. When one thinks of getting a perfect finish as shown in images or advertisements, wall putty comes to rescue. Also, experts prefer to use this before painting your walls for a clean and perfect look. Also, it makes your paint shiny and luxurious at the same time. Wall care putty is a cementitious substance whose main aim is to even out and level the surface area before painting. When repainting, it is not mandatory to apply it all over again. It can be used only in the areas where required. It can also be used to cover minor cracks or pores. So, in short, wall care putty has an earthy texture providing a clear surface for paint application. It is of two types: white cement-based putty and acrylic putty (water-based). Following are the points briefly explaining the benefits of wall care putty:


  • Last longing- Wall care putty helps in increasing the life of the wall paint. It has outstanding gluing power and robustness, which helps to add more years in the life of walls.
  • Both interior and exterior- Wall care putty can be used for both outside and inside walls. The main look of the house is determined from the outside walls. Wall care putty plays a major role to bring shine to the walls.
  • Fixes cracks- Not only shine, but it also helps us to fill in the cracks in the walls. It levels out the surface area of walls and can be applied 1-2 times depending on the condition of the wall. Also, as above said it helps us to get a smooth surface for the proper application of paint.
  • Water-resistant- As it is applied on the outside or exposed walls as well, it helps our walls to escape themselves i.e., it makes them waterproof.
  • Low maintenance- Once you go for wall care putty, this will help the walls to maintain its shine. It will go good for years without repainting.
  • Available in all colours- The best part is that it is available in various colours and is satisfactory for all type of paints whether it is plastic, water or matte finish paint.


So, the above points highlight the uses and benefits of wall care putty. There are many wall putty companies in India and you can choose according to your budget and choice.