4 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health While Planning a Wedding

Mental Health While Planning a Wedding

Being a bride is not what everyone imagines it to be. You may stay put in your room for hours and stare at the ceiling thinking all kinds of rubbish things and have no control over your mind.

A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. For a bride that is an understatement. But how is the bride supposed to enjoy her wedding day when she feels tired all the time and exhausted due to preparation?

96% of weddings are stressful for brides. The sleeplessness, moodiness, and loss of sex-drive are some of the major symptoms that she goes through. Reason? Wedding stirs all sorts of emotions.

Women naturally are inclined to be more emotional during such occasions. Whether it’s the wedding day, the delivery, or the christening of her first child and so on. She will be an emotional mess either in a good or bad way.

Taking into account different case scenarios we have conjured some ways that will be helpful for brides-to-be.

Not feeling ok? That’s cool

So much going around in the world, you may feel guilty about the feeling that you are going to be celebrating. Sure, it may not feel like celebrating at all during the pandemic but let’s face it, situations are uncalled for. No one is responsible for the global epidemic let alone you.

Emotional energy usually is expended on the wedding day but to be feeling more on the downside is pretty normal. So yes, that’s ok!

But let me tell you that weddings are not just any party. It’s the union of two humans under a happy air of love and bonding. In short, the symbol of love. You’d be surprised how many weddings did take place in the Asian Pacific Region.

Even looking at the bridal bangle designs in gold one day I couldn’t even focus on the design or how beautiful it was,” Pooja Mehta says at one point, “I was so depressed”.

Get Hold of a Wedding Planner

That’s what they are here for:  to plan the wedding on your behalf. With so much going on, you cannot handle everything by yourself. There’s a lot of movement therefore to make the best of the available resources, hire a wedding planner right away.

This is true especially when you are facing a lot of trouble due to your work. A wedding planner negotiates with the vendors, schedules everything from the very start of the wedding to the end. They coordinate with their team, with the couple and family, inform every update and prepare the location just the way you want.

Depending on the budget and services you are planning to provide you can choose an adequate wedding planner for the job.

“I’m a single mom, and planning for the wedding would have been just impossible if not for the wedding consultant I hired,” says Julienne, “This was the smartest choice I made in my life”.

Quality me time

Every part of the wedding is important whether it’s the ceremony or the reception, you need details, details and more details. To pull off a great wedding means you start preparing months ahead of time. But where’s the quality time you need to spend on yourself?

Being the bride or groom doesn’t mean you have to do DIY your wedding. That’s why you hired the wedding planner to remember?

Giving yourself the much-needed self-love means you care for yourself. Go to the spa, pamper yourself with a massage or light therapy, or anything you want.

Some couples go to therapy saps to enjoy and relax before the big day can arrive.

“Rome and I are workaholics,” says June, “I clearly remember a week before the actual wedding we went on a weekend getaway to Alpine, it was the best moment”.

Make a Calendar

Once you start preparing for the wedding, plan according to the calendar. Thankfully now online apps are available, you can use and manage wedding tasks properly. To help you create a customized wedding using this help will let you stay more organized and active. Planning everything in sequence is a must or the wedding planning can go up in flames. In case you are already using the calendar app then it’s perfect!

Wedding planners stay organized by following customized calendars too. Since everything is digital this is the best way to do several things at the same time. Whether it’s shopping for the wedding bands or an appointment with the dressmaker you can put everything on the list. The app will ping you with notifications with the timing you set it on.

Well, there you go! Wasn’t that easy? If you keep taking care of yourself like you are supposed to and let the right people do the job your mental health will thank you.

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