What Are The Marketing Trends For Eco Packaging?

In the last few years, the importance of eco-friendly packaging has skyrocketed. A large number of businesses are now shifting towards using these packages because these are nature-friendly and, at the same time, cost-efficient. These provide perfect safety to the products while they are in transit. Many businesses also buy these eco-friendly boxes wholesale because it saves them a lot of time and energy. It is a better option for large businesses to buy in bulk if they have tons of orders in a day. With the emergence of Covid-19, this seems like a better idea to have your packages in stock all the time. Moreover, when companies buy these boxes in bulk amount, not only do they save their time, but the suppliers also offer them good discounts for buying from them in large quantities. This helps them in increasing the margin of profit as well.

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It is important to follow the latest trends running in the market if you are planning to compete at a higher level. These are vital for making your packaging more relatable to the customers. They prefer trendy and attractive designs. So before you decide to buy eco-friendly boxes wholesale for your business, take a look at these latest styles of boxes.

Sleeve and Tray Box

One of the trendiest shapes for eco-friendly boxes is the sleeve and tray packages. These can be used for packaging a variety of items. The simplest example of these packages is a matchbox. These can be manufactured in any size as deemed by the customer or according to the product’s need. Especially around the holiday season and in the winter season, these are designed in attractive patterns to make full use of their utility. These can be turned into a baking oven styled box. When graphics related to the baking oven are printed on top of the box, there are cookies inside the tray. This will give the customers a feeling of having freshly baked cookies. This will add to a good customer experience, which will hugely benefit you in the long run. For manufacturing purposes, these custom eco-friendly boxes can be manufactured using Kraft and cardboard. These are eco-friendly materials and are abundantly available in the market, so they are also inexpensive.

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  • Hexagon Briefcase Styled Bottle Carriers 

As the holiday season is approaching closer with each passing day, one of the most common gifts that people bring to their friends and family’s homes on this occasion is a bottle of wine. This particular trendy design of eco-packaging is the best option to carry a wine bottle. It has a handle on top of the package that makes it easier for you to carry it around. The bottle is tightly packed inside the package, and the packages are then tied with ribbons to make it look like a present. You can also write custom handwritten notes to the person it is meant for on this green packaging.

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  • Hexagon 2 Piece Gift Packaging

Talking about hexagon, as this season is all about the gifts, so these hexagonal eco-friendly packaging boxes are the best options for showing your love to your friends and family ion this Christmas. These can be mass-produced in all sizes. Sturdy materials like Kraft cardstock and cardboard of higher thicknesses are used to make them. There are many options to decorate them further. There are a ton of finishing options to add a more premium touch to it. The latest trend regarding recyclable boxes is that the interior is designed in contrast with the outside of the packaging. The boxes are kept simple on the outside and are designed attractively using reflective surfaces or other illustrations to make it worth looking at from the inside. So when the recipient is opening the box, they will be surprised by looking inside the box. This works best with chocolates inside the Reusable Packaging.

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  • Die-Cut Packaging 

This might seem like an old idea to many people, but this is one of the most famous printing and packaging industries. Many companies opt for these custom printed eco-friendly boxes with a die-cut to enhance their products’ look and feel. You can add a transparent window inside the package to look at the product without having to open the box. This gives the customers a sense of satisfaction with the quality of the product. This is mostly used for mobile accessories and perfume bottles. The rest of the box is sturdy enough to hold its shape while it is in transit. Due to its practicality and familiarity with the customers, companies choose to buy this eco-friendly packaging wholesale because they are always high in demand, so it is best to have them in stock all the time.

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  • Pyramid Styled Box

One of the most famous and trendy designs for sustainable packaging this year has been the pyramid boxes. These are fairly simple to manufacture nut they look attractive to the customers. Many chocolate companies use them as gift packages to make their customers happy. These are made from tougher materials because if the material is not sturdy enough, it will not hold the shape properly. Furthermore, the top is tied with a ribbon, which adds a more beautiful look it this package. This can also be used as a handle for carrying the box as well. These are also the most common presentable biodegradable boxes in the USA.

  • Half Circular Interlocking 

Customers always appreciate unique shapes as they provide a fresh and attractive idea for presenting gifts to their loved ones. If you are looking to convey your feelings without saying a word, this particular style is tailored to your needs. It comes with a non-sticky upper locking flap that closes the box. These are delivered in flat form but can be made into proper shape with just a few folds.

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By following the latest packaging boxes in 2020, you improve your chances of succeeding at what you do. It will help your brand get more recognition, and the customers will keep your brand and the innovative design ideas in their minds for a long time. So now that you have read about these trends, now you can buy eco-friendly boxes wholesale to get started.

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