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What is a stress free life?

What Is A Stress Free Life?

Today i will talk about what is a stress free life? It tears me up to see how many people still suffer from a lack of self-confidence and have complicated lives. When it’s so simple when you figure it out. At the same time I know that this has not always been the case for me so what happens. When our life is complicated and does not go as we would like:

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All this for what ?
All of this for ideas and beliefs you have about yourself or how life works. Ideas that are so deeply ingrained that they are never questioned! Only as it does not work and does not correspond to the natural functioning of life. Well you are in pain. Either you carry on and you suffer more. Some will go very far in the wrong direction, or you decide to learn to do it differently.

If, for example, you are tired from your work and get up. At the same time every day but you continue to do so.  Because you believe that you have no choice and the same causes will produce the same effects.

Instead, you can imagine the possibility of having a lot of free time. While still making a living doing what you really enjoy and get excited about. Does this seem impossible to you?

What is a stress free life?

If the answer is yes, then you now know exactly why this is not the case in your life. You can stick with that and in that case, I can assure you that it will indeed never happen. Or, you can start to doubt your past beliefs and say to yourself: Why not? And if it was possible ?

At this point, you will be interested in people who have free time. Who do what they love and who make a living from it. You’re going to look at it like a scientist doing research in a particular area to understand the mechanisms.

This is what I did and what I discovered is that first of all you have to create passive income. That is, things that you do once and which are then reusable and useful to several people. For example, a writer who works on writing his book. Once and then gets paid for each sale even if he is sleeping or on vacation.

This is how last month I received 850 € on the “Patrimoine en Or” training course created with my brother Maxence, having made absolutely no effort. The effort having been made in the previous months during the creation of the modules I take care of. And the commissions that I earn will be renewed with each new launch of the product without my having to take care of it. What I earn is decorrelated from the time I spend there.

When you work for someone, it is indeed tiring to wake up early in the morning every day. You have to constantly re-sell your time to make money. Under these conditions, no wonder many are exhausted.

It had never happened before for me to earn money without doing anything because I had deeply rooted the idea that you have to work hard to earn a living. So what I got in my reality was to work hard for a living!

It had never happened before for me to earn money without doing anything because I had deeply rooted the idea that you have to work hard to earn a living. So what I got in my reality was to work hard for a living!

We don’t realize how much we constantly unconsciously set ourselves limits on what is possible and what is not . This is where meditation comes in to teach us to have this permanent reflex to see what is carried within us.

If you no longer limit yourself, you will be open to all possibilities and you will find leads that will no doubt be different from mine but which work for you.

What is a stress free life?

Your immense power is your ability to create what you wish to experience . This ability to create is your true nature, you are a huge field of possibilities , you can really create the life you want as long as you are clear and precise in what you want and you have all the inner conditions and external for that.

It is when you lose sight of your true nature, that you give all your power to received ideas from the media, school, family, etc. that you are going to both limit yourself and fall into fear of losing, fear of making mistakes, worry, stress, anguish. You give your power to others, to what he might think, what it is possible or not to achieve. When you realize that no matter where you are now you will always have this ability to create the reality you want all the time, you can only be grateful and full of gratitude for life .

Of course sometimes we go for it and we make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process. For example, I had invested money in a system that turned out to be a scam but it is not dramatic because this money is nothing compared to my ability to be able to recreate it.

It also gave me a good lesson on the relationship to money that I unconsciously maintained deep inside me for having drawn this into my life. It didn’t paralyze me despite this mistake to then invest in a club that helps young businesses grow while allowing me to generate passive income. This time as my relationship to money has become healthy and well it turns out to be a great deal. For example I bought 4616 shares of Wide-cells , I contribute to the development of this company and I enrich myself.

You can transform everything in your life as soon as you firmly decide !
We really have to allow ourselves to start, to make mistakes, to make mistakes since at any time we have within us this capacity to be able to create something else . It’s really great when you realize that. You no longer have to stress, to worry because life becomes a playground, a huge field of possibilities where you always have the capacity to create what you want.

It’s when you lock yourself into limits (I can’t do it, it’s too complicated, etc.) that you totally miss your life and all that you could achieve and that it really is a huge mess. You are in pain and when you are out of place, no one can benefit from all that you can offer.