August 11, 2022
Astrology Play in Weddings

Astrology plays a vital role in Indian culture in all aspects, but more so in weddings. When a marriage is fixed, an astrologer matches the birth charts of the bride and groom.

They follow Vedic astrology, which uses the specific date and time of their birth and the place to find out how compatible they will be. This helps in working out the issues they have or may have in the foreseeable future.

In Vedic astrology, the birth date, time, and place are used to create a chart that shows all the strengths and weaknesses of the person, apart from the planetary positions, and how they will affect their life.

In weddings, astrology is used to determine the compatibility between the bride and the groom. An astrologer assesses their natal/birth charts. This is done to find out if the specific traits of these people match up or not.

Another reason is, it is culturally an essential part of the wedding process. This has been going on for centuries and helps put the mind of both the families involved at ease.

Here we have outlined all the reasons why astrology is essential in weddings. If you have a wedding in your family, you should go to a top 10 best astrologer in hyderabad who can give you a chart reading. If nothing more, it will help you solidify the idea that you have chosen the right person for yourself.

Marriage Horoscope

It is a method of determining whether the bride and groom are beneficial for each other. It also helps find if they have any compatibility issues that need to be worked out. Marriages in India are not just between a man and a woman but between families and their specific traditions. Culturally, we have placed a lot of importance on horoscopes.

What can you expect from an astrological reading for your wedding?

The perfect date

Astrology regarding the wedding can help you decide the perfect date and time. It can help you see which day will be the most promising for you to tie the knot. The astrologer can help you find the perfect date when all the planets are in favorable positions. This will make a significant difference.

Help you make up your mind.

A chart reading with your fiance will also help you ease the tension and potential stress you have been facing. We all know weddings can be stressful, and such doubts can fester in your mind.

It is easy to worry about things and second guess it all. Many astrologers offer services where they can look at you and your partner’s chart from a marriage aspect and help you with the differences that arise between you.

However, it would be best to remember that your feelings for a person shouldn’t change merely based on a reading. If you have formed an emotional bond, you should try working on your issues and fix them out.

Perfect time/Muhurtham

An astrologer can help you determine the most auspicious time of the day for you to get married. This has been a part of our tradition for a very long time. The idea behind it is that when someone ties the knot during an auspicious time, they will have a prosperous marriage.


When you get married, you will share your life with someone. It becomes a shared venture. A detailed study of your charts and the planetary positions can help in various ways. You can find out your strengths and which things you need to ask for help with. It is imperative in today’s world as it will help align your interests for each other and make you work on your marriage with conviction and love.

If you are thinking of tying the knot with your partner, you should get a consultation so that if you need to make some other decision, you can do it in the nick of time. A chart reading is also another way of showing respect to our traditions and culture, so it will make your family happy too.

There are many trusted astrologers in Hyderabad whom you can consult if you are about to get married.  Or, if there is another family member or a friend who is about to get hitched, you can take them out for a day and treat them to this. If nothing else, it will be very fun.

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