What You need to know about bathroom vanities

What You need to know about bathroom vanities
What You need to know about bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities may sound like a bathroom storage unit, but in fact, they are very different. Many people believe a bathroom vanity is only using as a place to store towels and other accessories. While this is true, it’s far from the only use. Furthermore, you can buy affordable vanities online with the latest designs and styles.

Shapes and sizes of bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanity cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made of many different types of materials. You can buy one or several, and have them blend in seamlessly with your bathroom’s decor. 

As you move through the bathroom redesign terminology, you will sometimes come across terms that are using interchangeably and may mean something different – cabinet and vanity cabinet are two of those.  

The main difference between bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets is how the items are stored and what you can display on them. While they may look similar, they are worlds apart in their functionality and style.

Structure of bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities in Illinois are primarily used to store cosmetics, there are also a few models with built-in, fixed mirrors along with built-in, fixed cabinet doors. As for cabinet doors, they can range from sliding to fold, depending on the space available and the look you are going for. 

The sliding doors are the most popular due to the fact that you can often mount them on the wall behind the sink, providing ample room for open shelves and even mirrors. Bifold cabinet doors, on the other hand, require that the shelves are placing to the right and left of the door for the best viewing.

Vanities and mirror

If you’re planning on installing bathroom vanities with mirrors, there are a few things you need to consider first. Since bathroom vanities and vanity doors come in a wide variety of styles and materials, you want to make sure the one you choose compliments your overall design. 

Some of the more popular materials to use include wood, stainless steel, porcelain and chrome – just to name a few. Wood blends in naturally with most sink styles and stainless steel and porcelain offer a modern appeal.

Vanities and sinks

Bathroom vanities can range from single sinks, double sinks and even triple sinks. The actual measurements of the vanity unit will depend on the dimensions of your bathroom. But you should be able to get a general idea by looking at it. Most run between twelve to twenty-six inches deep, and between eighteen to twenty-four inches wide. A standard bathroom sink is around three feet wide, and a typical wood vanity is about six feet tall. These units can vary considerably in height, so be sure to ask the salesperson which ones will fit your space.

The material of bathroom vanities:

When it comes to purchasing bathroom vanities, the options are virtually unlimited. You can buy them new, used, or even customized – with a lot of different types of granite, marble or other materials being used to manufacture the vanity top. 

Some of the most popular materials used for bathroom vanities include natural stone (which is very expensive), copper, glass, wood, porcelain and a wide array of metals. Many manufacturers offer different types of financing and installation options to fit all budgets.

Plumbing the vanities:

Another aspect of choosing bathroom vanities is the type of plumbing they are constructing with. Most people opt for wall-mounted plumbing since the plumbing is hidden from view. However, there are also sink-front mounted bathroom vanities, which would allow you to still see your sink if you chose. 

In addition, certain bathroom vanity companies offer floating sinks, which use plumbing components that are suspended in the water; they form the sink like a bowl that overhangs the rim of the vanity top.

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One of the more popular types of bathroom vanities is their use as storage facilities. The floor space they provide is perfect for storing everything from your grooming items to your cleaning supplies. 

Some vanities even include cabinetry and storage drawers for small bathroom items, like shampoos and conditioner bottles.