What You Should Know When Eating With Invisalign


Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that may be used to correct misaligned teeth. There is now widespread availability of invisible aligners that may be adapted to address certain imperfections in a person’s smile.

When Wearing Invisalign, Is It Possible To Still Consume Food?

Because Invisalign aligners are removable, one of the major benefits of wearing them is that you are free to consume any foods and beverages you choose while you are in the process of straightening your teeth. It is no need to be concerned about the chocolate cake or the lettuce being caught in the cables. However, while you have Invisalign in your mouth, you should steer clear of certain dietary practices. If you engage in these undesirable behaviours, your teeth may move more slowly, and it may take the aligners more time to do their job.

6 Eating Guidelines From Leading Invisalign Provider 

#1 Remove Aligners Before Eating

The aligners are not robust enough to endure the pressure associated with chewing and biting. You need to remove the aligners before consuming anything, whether it be a little snack or a full meal. In any other scenario, you run the danger of destroying the aligners and putting the treatment at risk.

#2 Drink Nothing Except Water

While you are wearing aligners, you should limit your drinks to water and try to drink as much of it as possible. If you can’t avoid drinking coloured beverages, you should clean your teeth after each meal and after drinking coloured beverages if you want to prevent irreversible staining of your teeth. Clear aligners should not come into contact with any beverages or foods that might potentially stain them. During meals, they might be things like fruit juices, colas, coffees, or even wine.

#3 Do Not Give In To Temptation At Any Cost

When you wear Invisalign, you may find that you want to consume anything other than water for food or drink. During the first few days, they should avoid consuming anything that can be harmful to them, including food and drink. Please keep in mind that even a very little quantity of these colourful liquids might cause the Invisalign to get stained or damaged. When it comes to eating, you should proceed with care.

#4 Make Sure That You Floss And Brush Your Teeth

Because aligners are manufactured specifically to suit your teeth, tooth rot can occur if food or germs are allowed to remain on them. After each meal, you should brush and floss your teeth. You must continue to do this both when you are using invisalign braces Manchester and at all other times.

#5 Throw Away Your Chewing Gum

If you want to avoid having your teeth shift while you’re wearing aligners, it’s best not to consume gum or sweets that are sticky or chewy. Because of their sticky nature, these gummy sweets will adhere to your aligners and cause damage to them.

#6 Avoid Consuming Excessive Amounts Of Coffee

Some individuals just need one or two cups of coffee with their morning meal daily to function normally. For some coffee lovers, caffeine is the only thing that can carry them through the day. It won’t be easy to break out of this pattern of behaviour. If you consume coffee during the day, these transparent aligners have the potential to get discoloured. We advise drinking just water while you have them on since it is the safest option.

When You Eat With Your Invisalign Aligners, What Can You Expect To Happen?

The aligners must be removed before each and every time that you consume food since they were not designed to be worn while eating. If you’re curious about what happens when you eat when you have Invisalign in your mouth, here are five possible side effects:

Trays Can Become Loose Or Damaged

It is best to refrain from eating while wearing your Invisalign trays since the pressure of chewing might cause them to become damaged or loose. The movements and the force that are necessary to break down bits of food are not able to be accommodated by the plastic since it is not robust enough.

It Can Halt Or Impede Your Progress.

The progress of your alignment can be disrupted or delayed if the trays are damaged. If any of your current aligners get broken, you will have to ask your orthodontist for a replacement set as soon as possible. This may result in the correction of your smile taking longer than necessary and may even throw off the progress that has been accomplished.

They Have The Potential To Become Lodged In Your Teeth

In addition, damaged aligners may become wedged in between your teeth. This may result in significant pain as well as possible damage to the teeth.

It’s Not Hard To Get Stains On Aligners

Because the Invisalign trays are made of translucent acrylic, orthodontic practitioners can hardly be seen using them. The transparent plastic, on the other hand, is susceptible to being discoloured if coloured beverages or food particles are allowed to remain lodged between the teeth and the plastic. To know about affordable invisalign braces, schedule your free consultation with us today. 

Your Dental Health Can Suffer If The Trays Are Damaged

In addition to the difficulty caused by broken aligners, tooth enamel may be worn down and gums might get irritated if damaged aligners are worn for an extended period. Enamel that has been worn down and gums that have been inflamed may lead to other oral health problems. Some of which may need treatment from a dentist.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager or an adult; whether or not you have significant alignment concerns. Invisalign can be the answer to achieving the smile you’ve always desired. Adults, teenagers, and children may all take advantage of our no-cost Invisalign consultation and examination. Our invisalign dentist Manchester cannot wait to see you because your smile is going to make us happy.¬†