August 11, 2022

The cricket is the most loved game in India. Do you know how it will be if the cricket is mixed with comedy? Then you have to watch this cricket comedy video on YouTube. The comedy videos are viewed by the millions of the people and so if the comedy and the cricket come in a mix, then it will be the huge delight for the cricket lovers. The most popular Mohalla Premiere League is broadcasting in the channels. The players are making many of the mistakes in the fields and also doing some of the naughty things. These kinds of things will not be trolled in the commentary during live matches. But here the complete troll of the match from the start to the end that too many of the unseen naughty things in the match are trolled in this funny video.

What is special in this video?

The cricket and comedy will have a huge fan base. The excitement and the fun are unlimited for the viewers that too if you are the cricket addict. It will be more interesting one as the anchors Chote Miyan and Abhinav anand are commentating the best moments in the match, and also the errors are exposed in a laughing manner. If you watch this viral video, then the hundred per cent smile guaranteed. These two anchors are having performed a lot of the comedy videos in the channel called Binge. In this Binge Hindi, the lots of the subscribers are watching the many of the troll videos like the politics, cinema, cricket and the others. All these things will be the entertaining one for the viewers, and so the more number of the subscribers are also increasing. This channel has produced the most viral videos 2020, which is the reason for its fame.

How interesting is this trolling concept?

You would have watched a lot of the abhinav anand videos in the youtube. Thus when both the experienced and the talented anchors are performing together, then it will become one of the viral videos of the channel. In this channel, you can watch a lot of the hindi short films which is more funny, dramatic and emotional one. This mohalla premier league is the recent episode where you can find the many funny videos in it. Do you regularly watch the videos of alright? Then you will definitely like this video also. In this channel not only this premier league, but even the world famous ipl matches are also trolled. All the ipl funny moments are made as to the short film which will be the eye treat for the viewers, and also this will be the stress buster for them. The chote miyan videos are funnier, and so the number of subscribers in this channel also has increased a lot. This video has joined in the list of trending videos 2020 as this is completely trolling the best players. It is not good to take everything seriously if you are a fan of any player just watch it for fun. The subscribers of the youtube channel the screen patti will definitely like all these channel videos.

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