Why to start hiring commercial Laundry Services?

commercial laundry service

Does your laundry also appear to be a ghost in the dark? Stop getting a mini heart attack, by cleaning them regularly. But, to be very honest, laundry is one of the most hated and boring things to do. Especially when you come home tired after a long hectic day or at weekends. Weekends are meant to party and chill not for doing laundry.

Every day, you find some or other way to escape your laundry work. Sometimes you reuse the same dirty cloth by spraying tons of perfume over it, or sometimes you just ignore the stain. Generally, a bachelor life goes like this, only dirty jeans with no so ironed shirt, roaming around with a smile on a face. We know what you feel while doing laundry and can say that the struggle is real. 


Well, do you know that laundry has its own history, in fact, a long history? Its history starts from the day of mankind when humans started wearing clothes. Earlier laundry work has traditionally been highly gendered, as most of the responsibilities falling on women’s side. But the industrial revolution gradually brought changes in the world of laundry and the washing machine was invented and later the tumble dryer which made the laundry work much easier and fun.


Commercial laundry services provide all the necessary services which are important to maintaining the fabric of your favourite outfit. Services like washing clothes with water and suitable detergent or chemicals, rinsing, pressing, folding, or polishing, etc. are provided to you. Sometimes washing is done at a higher temperature above room temperature. It is done to enhance the efficiency of any chemicals which are used to remove stains and to kill micro-organisms which may cause infection to you or harm your fabric. Moreover, cotton clothes are advised to be washed at a cooler temperature to prevent shrinking.


There are many chemicals available in the market, which are used to increase the solvent power of water. We use chemicals that are fabric-friendly and can easily remove dirt or stain from your clothes without damaging the fabric and its colour.


Dry cleaning is a process that uses chemicals solvents other than water. These chemicals are used to treat or clean delicate fabrics that cannot be washed roughly or through a washing machine and with a clothes dryer. It helps in cleaning stain easily and kills germs from your fabric without damaging them.


Why waste your time when you can get your laundry done by a commercial laundry service.

Care for fabric:

A commercial laundry service provider knows how to handle your fabric. We provide you with apply necessary advance pieces of equipment for cleaning your fabric.

Saving time:

We know that your time is precious, and it’s difficult for you to make time for laundry from your busy schedule. Now all you need to do is hire us and be free with the burden of laundry.

Bulk laundry:

Bulk laundry services deal with a large quantity of cleaning and ironing clothes. We are master at handling a huge pile of clothes in a day or two. We work with equal efficiency for your bulk laundry.

Pick- up and delivery services:

This is one of the most important services in today’s world of Hassel and bustle. No one got so much of time to drop and pick up laundry after it’s done. So, for our customer’s satisfaction and comfort, we provide a service of pickup and delivery services at your doorstep.

 Saving space:

Laundry facilities are a type of business that occupies space and time. The amount of linen decides the amount of space required. So we solve this problem of yours by cleaning and drying your clothes in our area.

All in one destination:

The greatest advantage of hiring washex hospitality is that you get all the types of laundry services at a single destination. We do from towels to your clothes to the bedcovers and others. A standard laundry service provides less service than a commercial laundry service.