Why You Need a Grow Tent for Your Indoor Garden

Grow Tents

If you are using a hydroponics system to grow to produce fresh round year then you must consider buying grow tents. So that you can make a full garden in your garage or basement or even in an empty place at your home. Moreover, it does not interfere with the rest of your home. Besides this the main advantage that these grow tent to protect and cultivate their plants. However, if you are start gardening for the first time then you did not know about the grow tent and why you need it.

What is a Grow Tent?

Grow tents are also known as grow rooms that are used to grow plants indoors. With a grow room you can easily create a garden with a great ecosystem that is totally separated from the whole house. So that you can fit these hydroponic at any free place however it is a spare closet of your home. These grow tents come in various sizes features and the price that works best at any place. Moreover, there are many grow tents that are made up of fabric material so that they can get settled at any rigid place. They have a silver coating inside them so that it is good for your plants.

Moreover, these have different ports and openings for electrical access and ventilation. So that you can easily set them anywhere at your home. Besides this, if you do not know about the grow tents more so you can get them from the reliable shops. There are many things that you must check while buying the grow tents. So that you can set them comfortably at your place.


There are many people that do not know which kind of the size of the grow tent they need. So that the best way is to check the place first where you want to grow an indoor garden at your home. So that you will get an idea that what will be the size of the grow tent that you want. Moreover, to this, you must know how much tall you want to make your plant. Nature of the plant is also considered moreover what will be the size of a plant at full maturation.

After these things, you should consider how many types of equipment will you want to fix inside the grow tent. You must consider which kind of grow tent you want vertical or horizontal so that you can get the one you need. By figuring out all these things you can get a good range of size that you need to grow your inside gardens. After this, all you need is to get them from the market.


The fabric or material that is used to make a grow tent can affect the plants. The best quality material to make a grow tent is heavy duty canvas such as nylon or polyester. As per these are considered as the strong and durable ones. Moreover, it helps to maintain control of the environment inside it.

Grow Tents

Moreover, to this, you can also determine the thickness of the material of the tents through D rating. These grow tent ranges from 200D to 1680D. So that the higher the D the thicker the material is used to make the grow tent. The thickest one grows tent is known as the gorilla grow tent which is 1680D one.

The inner layer of the grow tent also affects in to the plant. Most of the hydroponic systems have a shiny reflective inner layer. These are made up of polythene terephthalate. The reflective capability of these hydroponic systems is 50 to 90%. The advantage of this thing is that the more the reflective material is used the less energy will be waste on lighting the plant. In this way, it will lead to better light coverage and greater cost saving. So that you should try to get the material that has a 1680D rating.