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Wildfire app is good when it comes to real time notifications

Today, numerous apps for social interactions and real-time notifications are present. Then comes apps for news giving out such notifications. Other than that, the wide variety of messaging apps present also have groups involved in the same purpose.

Having knowledge of all of these apps has become quite difficult. Both students and professionals alike are lucky because there is an app they can count on for authentic notifications. That app is none other than good old Wildfire.

A brief introduction to Wildfire

Wildfire app was created by alumni of the University of California – Berkeley namely Hriday Kemburu – the Founder and CEO, Vinay Ramesh – the company business lead, Jay Patel and Tim Hyon – who serve as tech leads for both the company and the app.

The idea for the app came in 2015 when Hriday Kemburu encountered muggers outside the main library of the university. After a brief but scary ordeal, he managed to escape and notified the campus police who acted accordingly.

Those two men who tried mugging him wore ski masks and dark clothing. They had confronted him from behind the bushes outside the library. He luckily escaped the area unharmed and later informed the campus police who then acted accordingly.

He then subsequently posted about the incident on Facebook and on various student groups as well. He did get a lot of mentions and got responses. But what he did not get was not every student in the University saw his post. Fearing for public safety, he wanted everyone to see it at all costs.

Since he was not friends with everyone in the University, he then began conceptualizing a mechanism that can help everyone in the university stay abreast of the latest notifications. He eventually worked together with his friends to create Wildfire.

The app is convenient for students, graduates and professionals alike, giving them real-time notifications about any events and incidents in areas near their presence and community.

When did Wildfire’s development commence?

The idea for the Wildfire came in five years ago when Hriday Kemburu was almost robbed by muggers outside the main library of University of California – Berkeley. Upon informing the campus police about it, he then posted about the encounter on various student groups on Facebook and Twitter.

Since he was not able to reach everyone, he did not get the response he was looking for. As he was not friends with everyone in the University, he wanted a platform where everyone could be informed about these incidents in real time, regardless of their location and institution.

Despite posting on various student groups on Facebook, the response he got was lukewarm and a lot of students were still not informed about it. With restrictions present on most social media sites and apps, not everyone would get to know about the incident. Other than that, the probability of everyone checking their social media feeds was also minimal.

After understanding that there was no effective way in spreading real-time updates within any local community, the founders decided to create an app informing people in their local communities about these incidents in real time. This resulted in the creation of Wildfire.

The app’s creators named it like that because they want spread news and notifications faster than any moving object. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Can Wildfire’s accounts be verified?

Any journalist, law enforcement officer, or anyone working with the state needing verification of users of Wildfire can email the company at team at getwildfire.com. The company will cooperate in providing the needed details and information.

What if Wildfire is used to spread panic?

The likelihood of it getting used wrongly is uncertain. There is uncertainty regarding the fact that whether Wildfire can be used in the wrong way and to create panic because its skeptics believe it to be just like another showpiece app without much use.

Though no incident of it getting used wrongly ever took place but there is a likelihood that it could be used to spread fear and panic, which can potentially result in a lot of arrests.

Wildfire is regulated by its creators. They are always open to working with law enforcement agencies if something goes out of hand. With growing skepticism surrounding the tech industry and calls for big four of the industry to be broken down; Wildfire appears to be just like another game of Californication.



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