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Window Versus split AC- Which One to Choose?


With the super-hot summer season in India, air conditioners are now becoming a vital part of every household. But, buying the right air conditioner can be a tough decision to make. It requires good knowledge and research to purchase the right AC for your house. There are mostly two types of ACs available- window AC and split AC. These two differ on many platforms like installation as well as the price.

Let us distinguish between these two to get a better understanding. After this, you will be able to know which one is better.

The difference between window and split AC

The costing

Both the ACs differ on costing, that is why it is very necessary to set aside your budget. A window air conditioner is relatively cheaper than a split AC one. This goes for the maintenance factor as well; a split AC maintenance cost is higher than the window AC.

The space required

The type of AC to choose depends upon the space too. A window AC requires a large space since the whole unit has to be adjusted. Typically, you would need to make window-sized adjustments in the wall.

Whereas a split AC comes with two units. One of the units is drilled on the wall and another unit is installed outside. The installation of split AC is more difficult than window AC but it gives you flexibility.

Factors to keep in mind:

  • The room dimensions – it helps in determining how much cooling the AC would have to do.
  • People in the room – larger number of people staying would require a high ton of AC as people emit heat
  • Electrical appliances in the room
  • The number of things kept in the room
  • How many windows or doors in the room also determines how much cooling would be required
  • How much sun exposure the room is exposed to; the higher the sun exposure, the higher will be the heat in the room, the higher will be the requirement for cooling

The efficiency

Both these AC consumes similar energy but split AC comes with better efficiency as there are many models available in the market that come with an inverter that consumes less power. So among energy efficiency, split AC comes with a wider range from which you can select.

The noise

A window AC usually makes more noise than a split one. A split air conditioner is silent; it comes with two separate units because the compressor is placed outside.

Whereas in window AC, the whole unit is installed on the window frame thus it makes more noise.

The cooling factor

Any AC cooling capacity is based on the tonnage. Split AC is placed high on the wall; thus it effectively cools the whole room. Window AC is best for small rooms. Split AC is easily available in the high ton as well.

The service of the AC

When it comes to Window AC versus Split AC, the latter can be costly for maintaining. A window AC is one unit thus the maintenance is cheap. While a split AC comes with two units that require timely maintenance and it can be tough as well.

The star rating

Star ratings play a very important role; an AC consumes from 1-2 units of energy per hour. The consumptions depend upon the size, ton, and its efficiency. A higher star means the AC is high on efficiency. A star rating ranges from 1 to 5, where 1 is the low and 5 being the highest. So a 1-ton AC with a 5-star rating will efficiently cool your bedroom.

To sum up

It is very important to make the right decision while buying an air conditioner. A wrong decision can impact your bills and provide bad cooling. Do not ignore the details on the pretext of deals and discounts. Thus, it is very important to hold proper knowledge about the appliance you are planning to buy.

The above-mentioned will help in making the right decision for your air conditioner needs. Sanyo ACs provide you with a whole variety of products to choose from, to give you the best cooling suited for you.